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  • Copenhagen, a long weekend therein
  • Premier Icon ahwiles
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    We’re off to Copenhagen for 4days, at the end of March.

    can the good people of STW suggest a few things to see/do?


    (example: city tour by bike, Roskilde viking boats, etc.)

    Premier Icon enfht
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    Christiana is worth a visit.

    Premier Icon OrmanCheep
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    Going there myself this weekend. The trip was a random present from someone else, and I haven’t had chance to look at what to do or where to go yet.
    Shall follow this thread with interest. Christiania looks interesting; a quick wiki reveals “grenade attack”, “shooting and murder”, “hard drugs” , “biker gang” and “riots” – sounds right up my street.

    Premier Icon Pigface
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    I thought Christiana was full of idiots, the people we met weren’t Danish just a rabble.

    Hire some bikes and cycle around, the little Mermaid is exactly that, very small. Nip over to Malmo, spot locations used in the Bridge.

    Prepare to be amazed at how many stunning people there are. I found Danes to be pretty friendly.

    Premier Icon DaRC_L
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    Hire some bikes
    Go to lunch here – you can pass Christiana on the way

    Premier Icon DrJ
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    Nip over to Malmo,

    Not so easy anymore as you waste an hour on a passport check at the airport.

    There were lots of posts here about Copenhagen last year – maybe you can dig some up!

    Christiania is a bit of a mixed bag, but there is a quite interesting restaurant there called Spiseloppen

    Copenhagen Street Food – good call. Observe the very small queue at the British Food stand.

    If you like meat and beer go to Warpigs


    Premier Icon Mikkel
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    if going to see the Little mermaid, have a walk around Kastellet,_Copenhagen

    And ofcourse Rundetårn

    If you liked the TV series Borgen you can get up in the tower there too which have a very nice view over Copenhagen.
    I like a walk around Tivoli in the evenings, but it is not opening until April, sorry.

    Premier Icon andylakes
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    Get a train to visit Louisiana if you like contemporary art (joint train/entry ticket is a good deal) Arken is another cool museum. Ride a bike around for a refreshing change where drivers actively look for cyclists and give you space. Loads of historic buildings and art galleries to visit. Tivoli is a bit underwhelming but very popular.
    Big tick for a visit to Roskilde if you would like a bit of history.

    Premier Icon tomhughes46
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    I felt the harbour boat tour (from Nyhavn) was a good way to get your bearings and good value. Walking around the Citadel was quite cool as well.

    The Design museum had some nice bits but a lot of chairs!

    As above, I didn’t think Christiana was worth the visit but Paper Island was definitely worth it!

    Jane was a cool bar, if that’s your thing…

    If I went back I would definitely go to the Naval Museum but again, might not be your bag?

    Premier Icon Lazgoat
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    We explored on foot and did a canal tour. We also did a bike tour with Bike with Mike and it was fantastic.

    Premier Icon timber
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    We got Copenhagen cards which worked out well for us, public transport and entry to most places in Copenhagen and surrounding towns.

    Can’t remember names, but round tower in the middle of town, a bakery opposite a hipster bike shop did awesome cinnamon buns, design museum, Hamlets Castle and Maritime Museum north of Copenhagen. Canal boat tour was good introduction to the city and its areas. Loads of design and art galleries, but just didn’t have enough time.

    Good coffee everywhere, hunt out Tommys burgers, it’s on the way to Carlsberg Tap 1 that has gigs quite regular.

    Premier Icon stericmay
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    If you fancy looking at some cargo bikes call in here:

    Premier Icon Stoatsbrother
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    Christiania is sad dirty and passed its cool-by date
    Tivoli at night is a must
    The twisted tower on top of St Saviours
    The modern food market place

    Book any restaurants you want to go to ASAP. Not always easy to get in on spec.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    Just remember when you a mouthing how much for a beer it’s where the rest of Scandinavia goes for a cheap night out.
    Enjoyed the design museum a good city wander too.

    Premier Icon deadlydarcy
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    Went last year…but in June and had lovely weather so just strolling around taking in the atmosphere was possible. Which in Copenhagen is a grand thing to do. I’m guessing it might be a bit on the cold and wet side to do that in February.

    We ate in Radio. It was one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had, I shit you not. Not cheap, but no more expensive than a meal in a swish restaurant here either. The only drawback was that it’s in a fairly residential area so there’s not much to do either side of your meal. There are always buses to take you back to more lively areas.

    Mikkeler in Vesterbro is a fantastic bar – can’t quite remember, but there must have been around 20 beers on tap there. There are loads of different styles of beer these days. Even Carlsberg do an IPA. 😆

    Enjoy. We can’t wait to go back.

    And many thanks to DrJ who was an invaluable source of information on the threads last year.

    Premier Icon BigButSlimmerBloke
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    I saw these guys on tour whilst wandering about Copenhagen. kayak touring looked like a decent and different way to see some sights

    Premier Icon ahwiles
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    travel-advice-trackworld wins again!

    thanks everyone, much appreciated.

    Premier Icon BigButSlimmerBloke
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    I saw these guys on tour whilst wandering about Copenhagen. kayak touring looked like a decent and different way to see some sights

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