converting euro’s to GBP (cash)

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  • converting euro’s to GBP (cash)
  • Does anyone know how to convert Euro’s (cash) to Sterling?
    Im not talking small amounts (leftover holiday cash) but it is from a legitimate source.

    Obviously looking for the best possible rate – in the past my highstreet bank have offered abysmal rates for FX transactions.


    Faff, but worth it for a large amount. Open a bank account for the currency you don’t have one in with your bank, transfers between linked accounts get very reasonable rates and no fees. Bank the currencyyou have, do a bank transfer, pay out of the other account.
    Money a laundering checks may apply, but likely with any large amount cash.


    You must be the only person in the world moving out of Euros and in to Sterling!.:-)

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    From advice on here I have transferred significant sums via TorFX and they have been excellent of GB / Euro and vice versa transfers.

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    Take a look at Revolut and TransferWise.


    We use transferwise. Its excellent.


    How did you end up with loads of cash anyhow?

    Were you going to buy an expensive 2nd hand bike and it fell through ?

    I’ve not used cash in Europe for years

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    To use transferwise/Revolut etc it’s got to be in an account first…

    Cash, post office were pretty good, banks and a lot of the buy back holiday money lot were pretty expensive.

    Can you flog it to mates going on holiday at a better rate?

    Otherwise your best option is to open a euro account that allows a cash payment, then make an international payment to a forex service like Revolut etc that gives you a current account. You may find this way causes grief, where has the money come from etc.


    You must be the only person in the world moving out of Euros and in to Sterling!.:-)

    Rate is good for Euro to Pound. Depends when / how you got the Euros though and whether you’ll transfer back in the future.

    Got a pile of travel cash from years ago and worth a lot more in £ now than when I bought them, so may cash it back. Though if I’m going to buy more or use a card for another trip it’s not worth it as rate and fees will lose me money vs just keeping the cash in Euros and spending them.

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