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  • Community nurse here.

    I have to be an owner/driver with 4 doors and 5 seats, vehicle available for work monday to friday and to be used on my rounds.

    Used to get 700 per year plus mileage so about 150 per month all in.

    New terms give about 100 per month now so i actually pay to use my car for work.

    You’ll be taking all this into account the next time public sector pensions come up, right?

    thats what I was thinking, its a different world isnt it.
    That nurses example puts things in perspective.


    We have the option to take a car, or opt out.

    I opt out, and take £510/month, which happily funds what I need it to. Fuel is funded at HMRC rates (so 14ppm for a 2.0 TDi)

    Our requirements are that if we have a car / opt out is that we cannot hire a car if we’re travelling on business (unless flying first) or take a taxi, or train.

    So what some people do is drive around in a beater, a couple of people just ride to work & rent something themselves if they need to travel from enterprise for £25.

    I guess we have probably the most flexible policy….

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    Can I place a bet that most of the (private) company car drivers companies actually sell goods or services to the public sector.
    Arguably at good maximum profit, and cutting into dangerousbeans car cost ‘donation’ or many others like him..?

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    Given the mileage I do and the amount of stuff I have to carry, option out of the company scheme and buying my own car that meets the company’s age criteria means that I would be personally subsidising every mile I did for work. The company scheme at least allows me to cap how much my job costs me!

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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