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  • joshvegas

    I have been having great success with a guordon from alpkit. Cheap enough to gave a go.

    And cheap enough to modify.


    Leave shoes and trousers at work. I travel with a Deuter Race EXP which is excellent but would struggle with your load. When I swap shoes, they sit under the raincover on the way home.

    It’s is an excellent piece of kit though.

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Alpkit Gourdon – end of thread.

    £20 to £30 depending on size (maybe a big one to fit laptop).

    Bombproof, waterproof, surprisingly comfy, light and cheap. Love it.

    Got a 20l ancient one for mtb (washed it and it still holds water like a bucket with no leaks). New flouro yellow 20l for commute. New 25l one “just because” for holiday hand luggage.


    I understand that I’ll be a lone voice here but I’m a massive fan of messenger bags. In particular the North Face Base Camp bag.

    That one will fit in a full set of clothes, a T61 (massive laptop), an ipad in it’s box, loads of tools and spares, some butties, phones and bits and pieces. Because it’s not high up on your back it doesn’t make you as sweaty and you can shift it about a bit and because it’s low down the weight doesn’t move about so much when you’re up on the pedals giving it some (and lets face it, if you’re commuting this is the only state you can be in).


    Oh, and it’s immortal. I’ve come off a few times onto it and it’s barely scratched. Mine must be about 8 years old now. Awesome!

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    I got a decathlon one the other week which is very good:

    Pretty sure it was £25. Seems perfect – simple, no extraneous bollox hanging off it, spacious (with laptop pocket), properly waterproof, outer pocket for tools.
    Only thing is I have no idea how it holds up long term – used it for a few weeks only.


    Any recommendations for good rucksack – commute is 40 miles round trip off road & muddy!!

    Room for laptop, shoes, trousers, jumper & small towel
    Preferably a small pocket for tools, tube etc
    Waterproof ideally

    Think that’s all?!


    Thanks all, alp kit looks good but maybe too round for a laptop?

    Shoulder bags look good for an urban hoon but not comfortable for 20 miles of muddy bridle way?

    Decathlon looks ideal, I will check out!

    P.s can’t leave troo’s & shoes at work as I only go in once a week, so bit of a waste!


    I’m using a North Face Borealis, it’s very light. At a push I’ve had laptop, trousers/shirt/towel and shoes in it. Damned heavy with that lot in it but still pretty secure.

    Only lets a little water in when it’s properly biblically torrential, but given that that’s only about 10 days a year where I live it’s not an issue, but I’d get a cover as well if you’re riding off road, as it’ll just keep it in better nick for longer. Having said that my North Face Hammerhead hydration pack always comes up grand in the washing machine…

    Premier Icon Ben_H

    I use a 2011 Camelbak HAWG NV, without the bladder fitted.

    It fits my laptop nicely and will also take a pair of shoes, shirts, food and random bits and bobs without fuss.


    montane cobra 25


    I wouldnt recommend a messenger bag for a 40mile rou d trip everyday.

    The alpkits have a flatish back small latops are fine big ones may be more awkward but they are very flexible so should flatten out, avoid the ones with windows they catch on anything smoooth.

    The 25 and 30 are alright but the 20 is far superior

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I moved from a Carradice saddlebag to an Alpkit Gourdon last week. I miss the pockets so may end up “modding” the gourdon with some kind of pocket stuck to the inside. But last week it was hissing it down with rain and the gourdon did its job – kept things dry, was comfortable to wear, took coat, bits, & notebook and the window was handy. (25L) with 30% space to spare. But if I were carrying shoes and more clothes then Id think of taking a 30L. But Id normally try and leave shoes at work rather than ride with them in a bag if I werent riding with them on my feet.

    Northface bag above is good but I found I got shoulder pain from the messenger style bag.

    Swapped to a ortlieb rucksack. Brilliant thing. Totally waterproof, far more comfy and very good quality


    I wouldn’t fancy the messenger bag for a long ride. You are probably right about the bourdon unless the laptop is small. I would look at the ortlieb range or these


    Alpkit Gourdon.

    I use a 20 which carries my clothes and a 13 inch Thinkpad with no issues. You may need a 25 to fit a towel in.


    Been cycle commuting for 18 yrs .. By far the best option for me is the Alpkit gourdon 20.

    Throw your kit in it.. Bombproof, waterproof and at a price easily replaceable.

    Oh and a quick wipe and it’s work clean – and it becomes a commuting beacon when you throw in a red flashing light.


    I just bought one of these. A few others going in the sale too right now 😉


    I have the Alpkit bag & its worked a treat for many years of commuting. If money no object I’d get a (their messenger bag is available in 30l).


    I wouldn’t suggest a messenger bag for off road either, but if you or anybody else wants one the TNF base camp is pretty reasonable. Sturdy (although I’ve heard newer ones arent so good) with lots of pockets and the shape is better than a rucksack for getting bulkier things inside ( mine has managed 2 brand new and boxed pairs of shoes), but smaller than some other makes.
    After a shoulder injury I don’t Like to carry weight on just one shoulder any more so mine is no longer used. Make me an offer if you want it.


    Thanks all, seems the alpkit is the most used – I have an oxford yellow cover thing that goes over at the moment, but not 100% waterproof.

    Laptop is a 13″ macbook so not huge at all! Towel is only a small one that does the job so I reckon 20l will be enough!



    I also use the alpkit when its wet, also when walking or on the boat – it weighs nothing but is well put together


    North face borealis for me to, I bought a hump cover for it to which is fully waterproof and once light shines on it lights up amazingly well, you will def be seen from behind, so safe to!!
    One of my best buys for sure


    I keep looking at the POC VPD back (25L) but its soo bloody expensive!!


    I have one of these for sale if you’re interested… similar to the Alpkit Gourdon and the ortileb bags. Completely watreproof, plenty of room, and a padded back. The bright colour is also useful for cycling, and it has loops for attaching things (lights, webbing etc.) Its 40l capacity.

    I only bought it back in August, and I’ve only used it once, so its in mint condition. Yours for £22.50, inc. postage!


    Forgot to mention that it would easily fit a laptop in it, and because of the waterproof material, it is wipe-clean, so perfect for a muddy commute! Email is in profile if you are interested.


    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Love Mission Workshop Kit…

    Not cheap, but pretty damn good.

    Mission Workshop


    I recently bought this one from here Not too small, not too big. They have some some other bags to choose, but I like this one – bright and really waterproof. But, of course, not as soft as fabric ones…

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