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  • Premier Icon D0NK

    I know, never read the comments section, but… (apologies if already done)
    This article saying “arguments X, Y and Z are stupid and here’s why, also they are quite insensitive.”

    Article immediately gets comments saying
    “apologies if this is insensitive but what about X Y and Z, something should be done! Grrrr”

    Think writer needs to find a nice brick wall to bang his head against.


    yeah I saw that, I liked his reasoning, I think he expected the comments..

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Hmm guess u might be right


    I just read the article. It expressed a lot of what I believe in. The comments though. JESUS!!! F***********CK!!!
    I want to do this:

    Premier Icon amedias

    I’ve read the article, but I can’t bring myself to scroll past the end and actually read the comments, I know it will just make me angry and sad….and I’d like to be happy this evening.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Good article, but I could only read a few comments before once again fearing for the future of humanity. 🙁

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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