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  • Combi Boiler specialists unite and advise me!
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    I live in a coach house which is a large apartment above three garages (one of them mine). The boiler is a 15 year old Gloworm 30CXi which is now adapted to have a Hive ‘stat.

    Despite the fact I have an induction hob and electric shower, my gas bills for being here 4 days a week still seem high to literally fill a bowl of dishwater.

    I’ve noticed that every hour or two it fires up and the thermostat on the digital display goes to about 58 degrees then stops. Is there some sort of setting in the installers menu I could deactive as this is happening all the way through the night too and I’m spending £25 a month on gas just to heat one bowl of water, i’d be cheaper using the kettle!

    Also, I’ve switched the heating off just to see if it’s related to that, but even on ‘tap’ only mode it does this sort of ‘keep the boiler warm’ thing, which also makes the cupboard warm because the boiler is constantly warm, like it’s on standby.

    any ideas?

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    Page 8, set it to “no pre heat”.

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    It’ll be firing up to keep enough warm eater
    in the pipe so it’s quick out the tap. If you’re happy to wait do as gobuchul’s link above says.

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    Thanks guys, I’ve put it in eco mode and as the bath and kitchen sink are about 10ft max either side of the boiler, the time taken to get hot was acceptable. That said, it did fire up 5am this morning lol

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    Eco mode still has pre heat though.

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