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  • Premier Icon bearnecessities

    All of them, if you’re going to do it properly!

    Don’t do what a colleague did though and negotiate paying for 9 upfront so he could get the tenth free.



    As a modern man… what cocktails are acceptable for bloke to order (and consume)?

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    None, unless like above you’re going for the ‘full house’.

    Unless you consider snakebite a cocktail? 😀

    Premier Icon richen987

    Gin Martini if it is before dinner,Old Fashioned any other time. I believe a red eye may be acceptable in the morning too 😀

    Mojito, whiskey sour, brandy alexander[, old fashioned.

    Premier Icon richen987

    Not sure a brandy Alexander would be acceptable for a gentleman to order for himself, a little to creamy, maybe a Sazerac, if you like cognac


    women and most men are even too wimpy to take its (if done correctly bitterness)

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Long Island iced tea.

    All the old ones from back int days of American prohibition. The ones that look harmless but can blow your head off, as the contain most of the bar…

    Depends on the occasion really though.

    My favourite joke on the subject…

    Man walks into a particularly rough pub, asks the equally rough landlord for a lager top. [gruff voice] ‘sorry, we don’t do cocktails’ [gruff voice]


    Flaming Lamborghinis. 8)

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    A slow comfortable screw against the wall?

    Premier Icon igm

    Rusty nail used to be acceptable – one part whisky,one part Drambuie.


    Anything with an umbrella and lots of vegetation sticking out of it….Dead cool!!


    Bloody Mary, extra spicy. Yum!!

    Mojitos, Warsaw Pact, margarita, martini, espresso martini, In fact anything clear or classic.

    Having said which, who cares… Go for it. A decent mango daiquiri is rather nice.

    I’d probably avoid cosmopolitans till people forget about sex and the city. Don’t, repeat, don’t order the cocktail named after the bar you are in, unless it has been adopted world wide. Done this too many times. They are always awful.

    And yes, Bloody Mary , but only if they do have celery salt.

    Premier Icon Stoner


    At university a friend and I used to rent ourselves out as cocktail barmen for parties. Was a hoot. Alex went on to write his dissertation on cocktails and cocktail culture of the early 20th century. Got a First for it. It’s a great read, especially his “History of the Martini” and all the authentic recipes and interviews with ancient flapper girls he researched.

    And mine’s a mojito (white rum only please!).

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