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  • cheeky ebay buyer, how much to charge for delivery?
  • timdrayton

    so i’ve sold a smallish fishtank, clearly marked as collection only, I said that i MIGHT deliver within reason but asked for the potential bidder to contact me prior to auction end to agree petrol expenses etc.

    so some idiot snipes and wins it at the last possible second, no prior contact, and expects me to make an 80 mile round trip……

    how much to charge, £0.40p or £0.50p per mile?

    bit annoyed really

    £1 a mile as they didn’t ask first. I always put local delivery at costs when selling larger items.


    Personally i wouldn’t deliver it. They could pick it up, meet half way or just knacker it all off and relist it.


    What a cheeky git…second chance offer to the next bidder. Clearly the fact negative feedback can’t be left for buyers has now ’empowered’ them.


    I’d suggest meeting halfway.

    That said, depends on the value of the item. If I was selling something of reasonable size, and it sold for a decent price, I might travel that far just to get shot of it.

    But as you’ve said, you clearly put to agree up front, so tell the guy to piss off and that you’re relisting / second chance offering it. Copy in ebay or whatever you need to do to avoid you getting the negative feedback.

    Then set up a fictitious account, from hotmail or something and bid stupid on this chaps next auction. Then delete all traces of that account.


    People like Eazimove will shift it for you. Give the bloke the cost for them and then let him sort it out.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    £0.40/mile plus your hourly rate say £30/hr there and back, include a link to a courier too


    I got done on one of these.. said I’d deliver “within nottinghamshire/ West Yorks” as my dad lived on one side of the county and my sister on the other (and I live in Leeds). Nothing massivley valuable, jus a stack of guitar magazines, the one guy offered £85 Buy it now (whihc I didn’t ave set up) so I let teh auction run.winner bid £15 and expected delivery to Whinchester. A few phone arguements later, he complained to ebay that I didn’t provide the goods (I posted his cheque back!). Tell the numpty to organise a courier himself!

    Yup, just email and tell him to arrange/pay for a courier and give you the courier details to arrange a suitable time.


    I had this on two sets of tyres I sold on ebay. TBH I wouldnt drive 80miles even if it was £1 a mile. Your time could be spent better elsewhere. Can he give you a neg? No- its marked collection only. Remind him of that,cancel the bid and offer it to the second highest. If he does give you a neg ask ebay to remove?


    just let him sort out delivery himself

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