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  • Premier Icon jimmy

    A job has been advertised that has lit a fire of enthusiasim

    Do it, regardless

    EDIT: I haven’t done it exactly, but I left the safe and steady for contracting. However, for that situation you describe above I would in a heartbeat.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Left the comfort of the civil service nearly five years ago for smallish private owned engineering firm.

    Best move I ever made.

    I did it a few years back. Jumped from IT into working with young people. Enjoyed it (though tiring at times) and eventually became a project manager.

    Disadvantage was that the contracts only lasted as long as funding, so there was a big lack of job security. When my last contract was due to finish, the job market was really dry, so I went back into IT, but as a project manager rather than a techie, which I had been before. I enjoy it more than I thought I would do, and the job security is a bonus after a few years of precarious employment. OH and I are trying to save to buy a house, so at this stage of my life, the security is important to me.

    I say go for it if it really interests you – you’ll regret it if you don’t. If you have a transferable skill like I did you can always return to something “safer” if you want to later on.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    I nearly jumped from my job of 7 years into something completely different earlier this year. I ended up not going for it but am now not sure whether I made the right decision….

    Confirms my gut reaction, i should apply and make a damn good effort to impress at least. If it doesn’t come off i’ll have no regrets.

    Is there any dodgy ground if i don’t tell me current employer i’ve applied for another job, will obviously take annual leave for time off if i get an interview. Can’t see why i should annouce it especially considering the likelyhood of even getting an interview.

    If the prospective employer was only accessing enthusiasm and passion i’d definately have the job… haven’t been able to eat anything since i found the advert!

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Is there any dodgy ground if i don’t tell me current employer i’ve applied for another job,

    tell them when you hand in your resignation letter.

    Nope, you don’t need to tell your employer anything unless you get an offer and you decide to resign.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I wouldn’t tell my current employer if I’m looking to move.

    Good, as i thought, would like to rock the boat before i had any indication from the new job.


    I would never tell my current employer until I had a formal offer letter from the new one or had signed a contract to that effect.


    About to start a new job in a couple of weeks time after 17 years in the same post.

    Not a radical change as it’s in the same sector (teaching) but a step up to a head-of-department post in a (brand) new school (which, paradoxically, claims to be Scotland’s oldest…)

    I’ve had acting department head posts in the past but this is permanent. It’s a very exciting prospect, but also a bit terrifying; however I’d become complacent and it was now or never. It’s good to move out of the comfort zone from time to time.


    Sacked a steady but dullish job with few prospects in order to go freelance. Love being my own boss, having tons of freedom and riding time, plus the challenge and variety of freelancing. Not so keen on a total lack of security (but then few ‘normal’ jobs offer that now anyway). Overall, one of the best decisions I ever made.


    Two good friends of mine left steady jobs into new jobs, which they ended up hating. As they were still on good terms with their old employers they simply went back.

    I’ve never had a steady job, freelancing and agree with wl.

    So started writing application and supporting statement… for the first time i actually lack evidence for a handful of the essential person spec…. any tips on how to justify “Substantial knowledge” and “Demonstratable competency” without formal qualifications. I’m confident once i get to the interview i could convince them however i dont think “read all the press releases, take apart friends new bikes and parts, seek out cutaway diagrams and maintenence manuals to learn how stuff works and how to fix it, have designed and made my own bespoke components” reads very well on the application….

    So i’ve been in my current post now for about 5 year, it is a good safe job, flexible hours, reasonable pay etc something many would think me mad to even consider leaving however…

    A job has been advertised that has lit a fire of enthusiasim (far more that i have and have ever had for current job) and if i was to get it would mean opportunities to travel and work with bikes.

    Likelyhood of getting the job (probably very unlikely but if i dont apply my chances are 0% the idea of applying is just as important to me as actually getting it) aside i was interested in hearing the stories of people who had jumped from safe/steady jobs to something that really interests them…

    P.s. i really do seek out cutaway diagrams etc for new products when they are released, i am a real tech/bike tech geek and love find out the details of new products …. even if i am sometime disappointed to find the latest greatest new thing is actually lasts years mech in a different colour or damper technology that motor sport has used for years…

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