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  • ChainReaction website WTF???
  • Premier Icon scotroutes

    Looks like the site is completely screwed


    Search feature is doing well…

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Not used CRC in months because of their web site “improvements”. Looks totally borked now though.


    i do remember seeing a complaint a while ago regarding CRC new website but im not sure if mine is the same gripe. My work have just updated their internet explorer so it might be that.

    Anyway WTF is with the bloody questions????? im looking for some split links and keep on getting asked stupid questions about drivetrain compatibility without the option to opt out of all these stuuuuupid question and just get on with my shopping!!

    Is it just my updated IE or is this a new thing? am away over to wiggle just now anyway because that website is crap and ive got no patience! rant rant rant rant rant 👿

    I got hacked off with it a few weeks back and bought elsewhere. Needed drivetrain bits last week and it drove me bloody nuts. Again CRC lost out.


    +1 their website navigation is pants,however like Jamie’s picture if your after something really expensive then it’s right in front of you!!!!!


    Worked fine for me on Monday when I was looking for a whole bunch of things from split links to a new saddle. No hassle navigating the site, and saved in excess of £70 compared to my LBS prices.

    I was using Firefox and never seem to have any problems.


    ive spent quite a bit there in the last few months, i think the prices are usually very good, i think the website is ok if you put some effort into it.
    delivery and times is near enough perfect and the returns procedure is exceptional and the amount to select from is extensive.
    i think it runs an excellent service.
    and i am nothing at all to do with them!


    I’ve reluctantly used them to buy a custom built wheelset this week. Price was best I could find and their customer service was great replying to my questions (this swayed me to buy them from there)

    However their website is **** and annoying! Merlin are always first port of call for me for bits now


    yes the old website was utterly brilliant compared to the new one. This one is a triumph of a programmers dream of sex wee over his actual ability to produce anything.


    I have bought a fair bit from Chain Reaction this year, and have never had any trouble with their website.

    Maybe it depends on the type of product you are buying? I bought some bars, a seatpost (returned), some pedals etc
    So not the kind of product that would need “compatibility” questions.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Nah – the site was completely borked last night

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    I’ve done/priced a couple of builds this year and CRC have seen hardly any of it- too expensive.
    Drive train- they have been nowhere Merlin and Ribble.
    The clearence sale is a mess, the best sellers in catagory are a laugh, i know reverbs are popular but their best selling seatpost? When they are not the best price.

    I have spouted my bile about the website before, i even ran firefox just to look at CRC for a while. then they seemed to have fixed it. now its gone to poo on a stick again.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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