Cars….great when they are working….

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  • Cars….great when they are working….
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    So…do you reckon I should avoid using the Evoque and use my GT3 RS

    Yes, proper car the GT3.



    The 2.2 is the Duratorq whatnot, it’s a Ford engine that’s probably been made in the millions and are clattering around every corner of the globe, I doubt it’s inherently unreliable. The electrics on the other hand…

    I feel for JLR, they’re a small player in a market when it pays to be big and sell cars in the most competitive segments. They’re probably not as bas as some think, well not the newer ones anyway, but fighting perception is hard. In Britain most people want German cars, but in the US for example German engines are widely perceived to be a bit shit.

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    How much should they cost?

    Optimistically, less than my bike.


    Yes, proper car the GT3

    Yep, but only half the car a GT6 is:

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    Do the doors shut properly? and the windyupppy windows wind up/down??

    And the windscreen wipers work too? And the funny little button you have to keep pumping to get the windscreen fluid out and onto the windscreen ??



    It’ll be a 10 quid part, buried deep in the engine bay that requires 500 quid worth of labour to get to. Had this a number of times with cars. The bigger the engine, the harder they are to fix without removing half the insides.


    Earlier this year I decided to get 2 normal cars for the business, I walked into a Kia dealer and came away with 2 one year old diesel cee’ds. They renewed the 7 year warranty again so they will have had 8 years under warranty cover. They’re not a bad place to be either and average 50mpg. It’s an easy hassle free way to own a car

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