Carpet fitting in a bedroom with lots of furniture

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  • Carpet fitting in a bedroom with lots of furniture
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    A not uncommon problem I suspect. I want a new carpet in our bedroom and there is a large wardrobe and bed in said room. The bed I can’t work our how to dismantle and the wardrobe would never go back together if it was taken apart.

    So, can fitters work around said items? Or will I have to buy a new wardrobe?!

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    They might if you ask nicely. If you go to a local carpet shop, haggle them down on price, insist on free fitting then leave a room full of furniture as a nice surprise for them then they’ll probably walk out.

    If it were me I’d get the furniture out and remove the old carpet. Reason being you can find any horrors under there, fix loose floorboards etc. Speaking from a sorry experience.


    It will be very difficult to tension up ( for want of a better expression) the carpet with furniture in the room and just moviy it around on top of cutting it right. I’m not a pro but probably done about 15 or so carpets so have some idea but obviously don’t know every trick a pro would.

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    IIRC, the last time we had a carpet fitted (local firm) they said we could have up to 3 items of furniture in the room that they would work around.

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    We had a living room carpet installed for which they used the wrong underlay; in working this out, then replacing it, I removed all the furniture three times from that damn room. Two sofas, one TV table, one full height bookshelf and a sodding piano.

    The sooner they invent anti-gravity lifters so you can install carpets underneath things the better.

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    move wardrobe to other side of room to ehere it lives
    stand bed on its side after removing mattress slot it round wardrobe

    fitter can then fit nearly 3 sides lift bed and robe on to carpet wardrobe can go back where it lives
    fitter can then finish the carpet .

    if you are drunking nice coffee then make him one. not the shit in the instant coffee jar

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    Yes they can although it might depend on exactly how big the furniture is compared to the room.  Had this recently and it wasn’t a problem

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    Just had a carpet fitted yesterday in a room with a mahoosive wardrobe in it. We moved the wardrobe away from the wall, and the fitter laid the carpet in that corner first then we plonked wardrobe back in its position and the fitter tensioned the carpet across the rest of the room. It looks fab.

    As for the bed,it must come apart. There must be bolts/screws or something holding the headboard to the frame..


    So, can fitters work around said items?

    Nooooooooo no

    The fitters will be contractors who want to fit the carpet in record time so they can finish before 3.

    Empty the wardrobe and move it just outside the bedroom door. Beds can always be dismantled


    In my experience they charge a small additional fee if there is stuff in the room – we had a carpet fitted in our bedroom (two solid oak wardrobes, large drawer set and a king size divan bed) and they managed to fit around it all not once but twice (after making a non-related mistake with the fitting of the first carpet).

    I’ve always been advised of a charge is there is any furniture in the room, theres also a charge to remove the existing carpet.
    Mainly because I’m cheap, I completely empty a room the night before the fitting, if I can…….
    Speak to the firm who your buying the carpet from, rather than ask for advise on a forum.


    i have the same issue, i have a large double wardrobe from Habitat that had already been disassembled once and having rebuilt it in situ it will not come apart again.
    thing is i have a beam across the ceiling so all you can do is tip it forward and lean the top against the beam or shuffle if forwards 2ft and tip it back against the wall.

    its made from what looks like 15mm MDF with a gloss finish and is way heavier that any other wardrobe i have moved.

    i wouldn’t just expect the fitters to deal with it but empty it out to get it as light as possible and tell them what to expect.

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