Cargo bikes for hauling the kids

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  • Cargo bikes for hauling the kids
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    Not sure if I’m being daft (it wouldn’t be a first), but I’m finding myself strangely attracted to getting a cargo bike a la Surly Big Dummy or Yuba Mondo for our boys. We’ve pulled them along in a Chariot since they were about 4 months, but now that they are pushing 20kg each, that’s proving a bit of a challenge for MrsB (and me, if I’m honest). It would be for dropping them off at nursery, and in time, school, then pootling on to work.

    Ideally I’d like it to be able to be ridden by either of us, which poses another issue as I’m 6’3″, whilst MrsB is 5’8″. Some of the cargo bikes, such as the Mondo look to be good for a reasonable range of heights, as they have a pretty slack ST, and long post, so the ETT extends. Some, like the Surly don’t seem to cater for this.

    So, does anyone ride this sort of bike for hauling their kids? How practical are they for day to day stuff? What are they like on hills?

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    I tried a Kona Ute a few years back with Boy 2 on the back. He was about 4 or 5 at the time. It was great fun. He really enjoyed it and it was fun to ride. If I was to buy one is go for something other than the Kona. It was OK but it did have its flaws.

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    Kona Ute here. Seemed a little bit more “normal” than the Dummy or Mundo. (If a cargo bike can ever be described as normal). Used mainly for school run, then ferries me on to work. Done the ubiquitous shopping trips etc. Not sure what my two weigh, will pop them on the scales in morning. As an every day bike it’s ace. Can hustle along nicely. Hit a hill with the kids on board & your straight down the gears. Best thing is having the room to leave it packed with waterproofs. When you can easily carry bags etc, it makes it a real viable alternative to the car for local stuff. We’ve not stopped commuting on it all through winter, even in the snow with a few comedy tumbles. It is honestly the best bike I’ve ever owned.
    Last summer, turning up for a bbq in the park was great. Ended up giving the Wifes friends rides around on the back. Plus, car drivers do actually slow & usually smile & wave at us.
    Ours is a medium. Plenty of height adjustment. Your good lady is only an inch shorter than me, so I’d recomend a large. The bars sweep right back to give a very upright riding position, so longer top tube shouldn’t be an issue. Top tube is very low for ladies mounting. 🙂
    We’ve ridden probably 5-6 miles on the odd occasion.

    We will be on the STW parents & kids ride on Sun if you fancy a go.

    IMAG0774 by pten2106, on Flickr


    We had a little thread running about this a while back Here

    I have a Mundo, and the boys love it. It’s a heavy old beast with two on the back tho’.

    Premier Icon GavinB

    Thanks Lardman, I knew I was probably having a ‘senior moment’, as I posted on that thread a couple of times…

    Sadly can’t make this Sunday for the Tissington Trail, as it would have been great to see a Ute.

    I think ours are going to be too heavy for the childseats that clip-on pretty soon (they like their food) so how have folks found their kids hang on? Do they just cling on to a tandem-style stoker handlebar?

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    Mine just hold on to the rails in the platform. Keep meaning to put some webbing loops to hold.


    Yuba Mundo here. Uphill with an 8 and 9 year old at 75kg total is certainly a challenge! Using stoker bar for front child and webbing strap for rear. I like riding along to the park hearing them chatter away on the back.

    Definitely more solid than previous Xtracycle set up for this sort of load. On the other hand I was happy to commute on the XC, whilst I don’t with the Mundo.

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