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  • Premier Icon simmy

    I’m looking to buy a 2nd car to throw the bike and dogs in so have been looking at a Passat estate

    The trouble I’m having is my no claims of 19 years is on the school car and I’m getting ridiculous quotes for the Passat because of this.

    My insurance company only do driving school insurance so they can’t help so I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a company that will ” mirror ” my no claims ?

    Best quote I’ve had so far for the Passat is £680 TPFT from Adrian Flux, bit annoying when the school car only costs £480 a year and that’s insured for anyone


    Premier Icon njee20

    Can’t you insure the Passat as a school car?

    Premier Icon simmy

    Could do but it would have to have dual controls fitted that would cost about £300 even if I never use it for the school else the insurance would be invalid


    Greenlight will mirror NCB and are often cheaper than Flux. They are into more specialist/older cars though…

    b r

    usual advice is to look at comp with a large excess – but I’d go to a Broker and they will be able to find someone who’ll take into account your NCD on the ‘school’ car

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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