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  • muzz

    Fuggedabpudit and save money for necessary repairs


    +1 for live with it. Its a bumper, that’s its job.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    That’s not a smart repair. It will have to come off and be welded from the inside.
    Have a look in a breakers for another one.


    It will have to come off and be welded from the inside.

    Can you weld plastic?

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Looking for a car for son seen one we like, only issue is the bumper

    anyone an idea of rough costs for a smart repair or my option was to tape it up from inside and ignore it.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Yeah, That crack above will be an easy repair but by the time you factor in removal, welding, filler, then spraying you may be better off searching breaker yards for a matched replacement bumper


    Wilco do a translucent heavy-duty vinyl tape for outdoor repairs, get a roll, clean up the outer surface with something like lighter fuel, or washing-up liquid, to degrease it, push the crack together, or better still get someone else to do it and lay a strip of the tape over the crack, then reinforce the inside with anything that’ll hold it, ideally having cleaned out any crap, like P.38 body filler over some sort of mesh, even wire netting, just to help support it.
    It doesn’t have to be pretty, just functional to prevent it getting worse.
    This is the stuff, a quid a roll:
    Reinforcing the inside is key to making it last as long as possible, though, but that can be any old stuff to hold it together, it ain’t needed to win prizes!


    The other option is just wipe it clean on the inside, scuff it up a bit and then slap some fibreglass matting on the inside. Brilliant stuff.

    Presumably you can get ‘small’ kits on ebay etc with the epoxy in a couple of sachets.

    Its like papier mâché but using 2 pack epoxy to apply…easy peasy.


    Checkerplate and rivets.

    Stick a plaster over it?

    If its a first car and you’re concerned about a crack in the bumper… Its the wrong car?

    Premier Icon joat

    I think zip ties through drilled holes is de rigeur with the yoot today.


    What car is it? A Megane per chance?


    Is it a crack? I’ve just bumped the corner of my bumber at the weekend, the paint cracked and chipped off but he actual bumper underneath is perfectly fine and undamaged. The paint (or whatever it is) looks quite thick – like 3mm or so. Almost like a shell over the plastic bumper, so will need filling and re-painting but no need for any repairs to the actual bumper underneath. Is that really a ‘crack’ or just a crack in the surface paint layer.


    Drill a couple of holes underneath, one either side of the crack, stick a jubilee clip/strap through it then tighten it up. It’ll pull the crack together as it goes.

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