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  • Can you have too much yellow & black?
  • Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    So contemplating swapping the graphics on my forks and shock on the Mega.

    Currently looks like this:

    Thinking of putting these on fork & shock:

    What do STW think?

    If anyone can change the colours in Photoshop that would be appreciated.


    Premier Icon fazzini

    Personally I’d have plain/stealth black on both. The bike looks ace as it is. No need to fully bumblebee it 🤣 oh and I’m not techno clever enough to do a photoshop job

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Think I would go stealth


    If you’re running Hope hubs then it has to be MORE yellow & black of the full on hornet effect.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Our old Radon Slide was half and half yellow/white.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    To me, that bike has just the right amount of yellow. I’d be getting rid of the decals from the forks and the shock.

    And what does that rear guard actually achieve? 🤣

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Do it

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Less is more, is so often true. It would look tatt, imho.

    Go the other way and accentuate the colour by keeping everything else on the down-lo.

    All your yellow accents flow down and to the rear. That rear guard takes it vertically and messes up the line of things. Swap it with the front one so it follows the same line visually and fit a plain black one on the rear.

    You could of course go the other way and get the riding kit too 😂


    That rear guard saves the pivot bearings from being caked in mud. I did the same to my mega. It makes a big difference.

    Premier Icon twonks

    Nice bike. I think it needs a totally black rear guard and the yellow on the swingarm needs to be a bit slimmer and about 75% of it current size but, the forks deffo need the yellow stickers.

    Stealth would be nice but after a while you’ll feel the need for some colour.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Thanks all.
    Think I might go with stealth instead of the yellow.

    Good point about the rear guard – now you’ve pointed out it breaks up the lines it’s messing with my head……


    Go for it. And get a chain like this:


    **** it, go all out, if you don’t like it. Change them back

    Judging by the Dortmund fan I saw on the ski slopes last year dressed head to toe in BVB gear as well as his snowboard and goggles I would definitely say that yes you can have too much yellow and black.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Would be too much IMO.

    Keep as is or stealth if it bothers you.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Will also look haufin, fill your boots.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    @easily that chain is nuts……. £90!!!!

    Think that might be a bit too much yellow & black

    Needs yellow stem and pedals, plus tan sidewall tyres.

    Premier Icon tomfun

    Do the forks yellow and black. I did it in an old Mega TR and it looked good.

    Premier Icon doomanic

    Do it!

    I miss my Mega.


    I only scrolled down to see some comedy photoshoping…..I am disappoint


    Stealth the rear and the guards, what about gold on the forks to match the saint hose banjo, yellow or stealth would look good on the forks too.
    I pulled the white stickers off my forks straight away and put stealth ones on that came with it, now running orange ones with orange frame, looks awesome.

    Premier Icon senor j

    I agree with stealth and change the rear guard for a black one.
    What you need are lurid pjs to wear whilst riding it.:-)

    Premier Icon timbog160

    Great looking bike. I want to say yellow, but I think stealth will be better…

    Premier Icon rogermoore

    Don’t/didn’t Mavic do some crossmax wheels which were crazy yellow/black?
    No half measures OP!! 😆

    Don’t/didn’t Mavic do some crossmax wheels which were crazy yellow/black?

    That was the old Deemax

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    Do it but no more than what you are proposing. No saddle,grips or even worse try to introduce ano.

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    Peaty didn’t think so in 2005

    Premier Icon stevied

    I liked the combo on my old Intense. Mavic DeeMax for extra-yellow-blackness:

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    prefer the nearer 50/50 look

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    I really like that, @stevied!


    Gold and gold chainring too.

    Premier Icon slackalice

    Bit of a shame the weed isn’t some Ragwort.

    Fence needs coating with something.

    Standards people, standards.

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