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  • loddrik

    Have a Touran TDi DSG. Experiencing serious wobbles under acceleration. Though it was unbalanced wheels but had all balanced properly and still wobbling. Replaced tyres and still happening. Seems even worse when going round corners and bends.

    Sometimes I hear a knock from what seems like under the engine and it seems to stop wobbling for a short while.

    Any ideas?


    Sounds like drive shaft problems


    Where to start? Cv joint would expect worse clunk knock when turning tight corners at low speeds.
    A ball joint would cause similar symptoms as would suspension bushings.


    Just passed an mot fwiw.

    Does it have a DMF?


    Knackered torsion bar or chassis crossmember. Flux capacitor ream valve blowing early?


    Dual mass flywheel? Also have you had the cambelt replaced recently, only, seen a few where the engine mount hasn’t been tightened correctly and snapped the corner off the engine block, engine then drops to an angle that causes vibrations.

    Premier Icon benji

    Sounds similar to a transit connect i’ve got in at the minute, the driveshaft is orbiting in the cv, terrible vibration under power nothing when coasting and none of the usual clicking that you associate with cv joints.

    Obviously it’s all a guess without driving it and seeing the vehicle.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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