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  • Buzz rack eazzy 1,
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    After a towbar mounted bike rack to dave taking the wheels off the bike and sticking them in the back of my fiesta. the above model popped up on my Google search and looks quite appealing. Does anyone have one, of have any other recommendations for this price range (£170).

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    How long is your bike? I have the Buzzrack E-scorpion 2, they do a single version too.

    On the eazzy you only have 2 wheel straps vs 3, and the frame strap is a non lockable strap vs a clamp. And if your bike is long you’ll want the e-scorpion.

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    I was looking for a cheap one at the beginning of the year and ended up with the Buzzrack E-Scorpion single version. Very well made and folds up to be kept in the boot, tiltable too. For the price it or the 2 bike version is a bargain.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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