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  • Buying and renovating a rural property on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees
  • spekkie

    Cookin’ tonight!

    A couple of pics from a recent late afternoon ride. “Late afternoon” here in Spain during the summer can be anytime between 5pm and 8pm…..

    This is half way up a climb a few km’s outside Ainsa . . . . which is in the background.

    Into the Badlands . . . .

    I’ve posted from this spot before – up through the Old Town, out the back of the Castle and over to the “Mirador” – the viewpoint above the Rio Cinca.

    So often when you look north you see heavy weather over on the French side of the Pyrenees.


    Every village in Spain has a Fiesta once a year and this weekend is traditionally the weekend that the village of Guaso, where our Project is, holds its 4 day long Fiesta.

    The church on the hilltop in Guaso is called the “Iglesia de San Salvador” (the Church of Saint Salvador) – so San Salvador, which is celebrated on August 6th (when the church celebrates the transfiguration of Jesus) is the Patron Saint of Guaso.

    This year there will be a mass on Sunday but, thanks to Covid-19, no street parties, no “Ronda” (where musicians lead the crowd through the sreets of the village), no big open-air sit down evening meal and no dancin’ the night away . . . .

    Last year, as you can see, we had a ball!


    Summer is here for sure!

    The average daytime temps at the moment hover between 30 and 34 dgrees but we peaked at 37.5 degrees the other afternoon. I believe London had similar temps that day. I know a friend of mine in Oxford had 36 degrees!

    Much like when we lived in South Africa, in the summer the mornings up until around 10:30 are perfect for riding. Unlike SA we also get to go out again in the light evenings – between 7:30 and when it gets dark – currently around 9:30pm.

    I do love my summer evening rides!


    “Working in Spain” – Part 2.

    For our first 18 months here, knowing that work was hard to come by at the best of times and being under the impression that the banks would have the financing sorted out for our Project fairly quickly, we didn’t worry about looking for proper jobs at all…….. ah those were the days!

    Our plan was always, and still is, to do as much of the renovation work on the Project as possible ourselves – so once the Project build started that was going to be both of our full time jobs – 7 days a week. Once the Project was finshed and the business was up and running, then again, that would be our full time work – and being a B&B/Guesthouse it would also 7 days a week for much of the year. Neither of those scenarios were an issue for us – one thing we’re not scared of is hard work!

    During our first months here, while waiting for the council to approve our planning permision and the banks to approve our loan, we actually did lots of “work” but we didn’t have jobs….

    I was busy helping my new friends at “Zona Zero” clear and maintain mountain bike trails – work I loved doing – outside in the Pyrenees mountains with great weather and great people. I learned a lot about all local villages and footpaths during that time – Angel often took me to see stuff that you’d never know was there unless someone told you – and I made some good friends too.

    We also both did a lot of work helping the previous owners of our Project (and our future neighbours) Ramon & Rosa with jobs around the farm. We helped them with the animals, the grape harvest, planting next years wheat – you name it we did it. Again, good hard work outside in the sunshine with our amazing sights and views – a massive change from what we were used to…..

Viewing 4 posts - 881 through 884 (of 884 total)

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