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  • Premier Icon oxym0r0n


    So who else was there, who were you riding for, what was your course and what you doing now?

    Primary teaching

    There is an infamous uk frame designer nestled in there somewhere 8)

    Premier Icon monkeyp

    And me – a stunning 112 place

    Warwick University
    Mechanical Engineering.

    Was this the year a mini bus overturned whilst someone was surfing it in the camping field?

    The memories are somewhat hazy!

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I was, Newcastle University. – Mech engineering, working in the same field now.

    Pulled out partway through the second lap of the Sport XC race due to a massive chainsuck problem 🙁

    We got 12th in the DH and 16th in the XC, and 9th in the team XC so not too bad I guess. there’s some names there I’ve not thought of for a while.

    Following year was Newnham Park, great course. Year after was the disaster of the IoW with the infamous uphill DH course…

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    There is an infamous uk frame designer nestled in there somewhere

    I see him…

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    ahh the uphill DH course at the IOW.. twas awesome..!

    143rd in Reading.. i remember going over the bars on my first run… and then stacking it big time trying to ride around the outside of a bombhole on my second..! and riding with a huge hangover!

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Bump for the morning crowd!

    I did a bit better at Newnham (on the Sat). Ended up running most of the dh, cx style to qual for a second run. I then attempted the doubles, landed with my shin,on the peddle and flat-spotted the rim.

    Did the xc the next day but got lapped by some fast Raleigh rider.

    Didn’t do IOW

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    IoW was on my 23rd birthday. Drove a minibus all the way down from Newcastle. Got to the site after 12 hours of travelling. Bikes out the van, straight down the “DH” course, over the first jump that had been built in the field, dead-sailored it and broke my collar bone.


    Premier Icon mattbee

    University of Central England, Diploma in nursing. raced on a Cannondale hardtail with a massive 50mm of Headshok travel. Now running several airsoft sites and working on some other projects.
    217th in the downhill, which I only raced as the Uni paid for it so I thought I might as well.
    Got really drunk & stoned in the back of our rental van then raced xc the next day and came a glorious 139th in the XC.
    Did slighltly better the next year at Newnham quite probably because we’d run out of pot by the end of Friday…


    i did the downhill in plymouth (which year was that?… 1998?) on a bmx and came 2nd from last if i remember rightly.

    i then did the downhill on the IOW (1999?) and once again came second from last after stopping at the end of the top field for a can of stella before heading into the woods.

    i got into a fair amount of trouble at the IOW event for repeatedly riding into the beer tent in my pants and sliding the bike down against the bar… the security guys were less than impressed.

    oh those were the days!…


    Blimey, I never did see those results. I knew the course pretty well as only live down the road, but I crashed twice on my first run of the DH yet was only 5 seconds off qualifying for a second run!!

    Premier Icon steveh

    7th in the dh it seems for me. Sheffield unviersity doing a mechanical engineering course.

    Still living in sheffield and doing sort of engineering things!


    <waves> 93rd in the XC Champ – one of the first races I ever did and pretty sure I ‘lurked’ at the end of lap 3 😉 Did Plymouth and IoW as well IIRC.


    Cy went to Nottingham uni! So pwoud, vewy pwoud 🙂

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    So who’s in this shot then??

    BUSA by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

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