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  • Learn how to ride off road first, cornering basics, body position, weighting and unweighting, riding roots and technical stuff, popping the front wheel up going off small ledges.

    Then start to learn how to bunny hop. Practising in stages lifting the front end up, then just liftingthe back end up and try put it together.

    Wheelies aren’t really important but i am trying to learn them to impress the other chavs on granny bikes.

    Manualling i can’t do, so this is what i need to practise next.

    Track stands you can learn anytime, either at home or by embarassing yourself infront of traffic.

    Next will be bunny hopping off ledges and clearing gaps, then just improve your skills on each area, learning to pump and flow better on a trail.


    Go and ride with your mates and challenge each other to techy sections.

    If you just learn a set of things at home you may find yourself unable to repeat them in the real world, as the real world is so different.

    I learned doubles on one particular one, with a clear run up/run out graduated hill. Doing them for real in the random, sketcy, crap run in, no clear sight lines, real world, has taken a lot more practice and all of it had to be done for real.

    So i’ve decided to really work on my biking skills and fitness, the fitness side is progressing nicely now its time to work on the skills..

    I want to break everything down to the basic skill components (balance, timing, power, body position, etc etc) If you have a list of skills and tricks what would they be and what order would you tackle them..

    For example

    Track stands
    Back wheel hops…. etc

    And yes i will accept answer of “just ride your bike” however that is what i have done for many years and i want to accelerate my skill development!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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