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  • BT Infinity users and VPN traffic
  • I have Infinity FTTP (so fibre directly into the house, not cab, but same backhaul).

    I can connect to all manner of VPN’s in work and clients, never had an issue. This is sometimes multiple machines.

    Also I have a VPN router inside my network, so I can stream content from my NAS when I’m away – again works fine, so all inbound and outbound seems to work.

    I’ve never found a blocked port.

    The Homehub on the other hand is very consumer so you have to open ports I believe – chuck it in the bin and get something better, the time saved on not having to reboot the router will offset any cost of a decent router.


    If it’s anything like Virgin’s SuperHub it will block VPN traffic by default as I found out last night. He should login to the homehub and have a look about.

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    Have used BT Infinity to connect to my work VPN a few times with no issue.

    I’ve not tried in a couple of months or more though.



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    Infinity 2 here. I have a work Cisco phone in my home office that is pre-programmed to connect to our work VPN. It works fine. Likewise the (manual) connection I make using a SonicWall VPN client on my laptop. The only problem I sometimes have is it might take several attempts before the VPN client recognises/accepts my username and password. Perseverance helps here, with sometimes half a dozen attempts at entering the same credentials before it connects.


    Cheers for the replies, disabling BT Web Address Help ( what is this? ) seems to have sorted the problem for the user.

    I will pass on the comments about the Homehub though.

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    The Virgin Superhub has to have its firewall disabled for VPN access! About to get a separate router and turning the hub into a modem should sort it out.


    Is anyone using BT Infinity Fibre and vpn?
    I have a work colleague who is having difficulty logging onto a work vpn, a few minutes searching on google makes me think it could be that BT block vpn traffic on fibre or it could be the BT Home Hub but there’s nothing conclusive I’ve found as yet.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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