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  • BT Infinity 20mb speed check but videos buffering (alot)
  • bonchance

    My similar problems were all wifi congestion related – survey your wifi – Also plug in to your Homehub (or whatever) and check that as a baseline as well.

    Homeplugs can be handy

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Reboot the router.

    Switch off all connected devices bar the one you’re using. Use that wired, switch off wifi. Repeat with a different device. Problem still persists, ring BT.


    Overdone it on the data usage and your service provider throttling back your connection when streaming type downloads are detected?

    Premier Icon iain1775

    As title really, get 20mb download 8mb upload in wireless connection tests regardless of time of day, but suddenly unable to watch streaming videos regardless of website, device (phone tablet or desktop) or time of day
    (Peaty episode 2 currently stopped at 11minutes, taken 90minutes to get that far!)
    Been fine for 11 months and not changed anything with set up as fat as I’m aware
    Last 2 months we have starting streaming TV a lot more (although not excessively – basically watched 3 seasons of Breaking Bad in 2 months, couple hours once or twice a week)
    Last 3 days it’s been unusable, internet pages seem to take a little bit longer to load, sometimes hang for a while but generally on problem mainly seems to be streaming or downloading video content

    Anyone any similar experience, any suggestions?

    I really miss not being able to get Virgin fibre in this house, and I never thought I would say that!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    +1 for what cougar said, isolate the issue first.


    Welcome to the world of BT

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    IME YouTube is materially worse than Vimeo for this, to the extent that I watch almost only Vimeo stuff now. Secondly I got fed up with this happening so whenever possible I download programmes and watch them later. I would also suspect that the connection is being maxed out at peak times of the day, I have experience this particularly in France where tv is delivered by internet (not satellite) and in the peak evening hours many channels you could not watch in HD. As above I would be tempted to try a powerline type connector (only £25) so that the tv is streamed over ethernet not wifi.

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    I’m having similar issues with streaming anything to an Ipad on BT homehub, the TV isn’t so bad over wifi on Netflix, but generally its pretty crap.
    Considering hardwiring everything and leaving wifi purely for phones / ipads now…..

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I reckon the internet providers prioritise traffic to speed check sites. Sometime I can barely get Google to load yet speed test shows 10Mb/s plus….

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Do BT traffic shape certain types of data?

    Exact same issue with Infinity. Used to be able to happily watch iPlayer in HD on the wireless enabled TV downstairs and now it struggles with normal resolution. Funnily enough, I did what was suggested up there last night but have yet to test it. On my phone, youtube etc seems a touch quicker but the TV will be the real test tonight.

    That reminds me – must cancel Lovefilm and get Netflix sorted out.

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