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  • Bristol airport passport control???
  • Mintman

    Over the last few months they’ve opened a new security facility and although I’ve never seen it fully manned I’ve not queued for more than 10 mins.

    That’s my experience based on travelling about 30 times in the last 12 months – typically Sunday evenings or mon/tue early mornings. I was last there yesterday and it was quiet then too.

    Premier Icon xora

    There is no outgoing passport control in UK airports!

    Premier Icon shaggy

    Mind the stairs on the way back.

    Premier Icon wallop

    It’s generally ok but some of them can take too much pleasure in the ‘power’ they have 😆

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    I was there a week or so ago, I found the WH Smiths most distressing.


    Anyone flown by Bristol in the last few days? Any delays at passport control? Off ourselves soon and don’t want to miss our flight….


    Give yourself some extra time, our neighbour missed their flight due to security and long walk to gate..
    Also, I have complained about the surly and rude nature of the security staff in the past.
    They couldn’t even smile or be friendly towards my 6 year old daughter when they had to randomly search her.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    A lot better than it was but I’d imagine if you hit it at the wrong time, it’ll pretty crappy like most airports.

    Pay the £3 or so for fast track?


    Go early and get a balcony seat overlooking the Ryanair gate.
    Hours of fun watching people putting on several sets of clothes, getting bags stuck in the bag size checker and arguing with gate personnel and made to board last.
    They used to have a ‘priority channel’ if you paid but we just shuffle through in zombie mode.

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