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  • Premier Icon phinbob

    Did a skills session today with Richard from All Biked Up in the sunshine on Holmbury Hill.

    Great fun riding and I learned loads. Top day.


    Nice deck Flip!

    I’ve been getting loose on some berm’s and popping off a 8 foot drop in the woods, getting torpedoed around and having a right laugh all fuelled by wine gums and good banter.


    Yeah i built it in a couple of weeks on and off. Its level acces for my wife and has blue and white led lights 8)


    Watched my daughter gain her next gymnastics grades …with distinction! Very proud of her we all are.

    Got home mid afternoon and managed to get out in the sunshine on the bike. Trails were, once again, super-gorgeous.

    Pizza & beer for dinner, and now settling down with a glass of red wine.

    Life is good.


    Did the 100k at the LVIS audax, awesome event.


    I want a decking now 🙁

    I had a brilliant wife once….

    …she wasn’t mine though! 😮

    I’m here all week folks; special discount to pensioners on the Wednesday.

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    Liverpool half marathon this morning. Lunch in Liverpool with family, then pootling around with work stuff this afternoon.

    Not a bad day all in all.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    A lovely ride in the autumn sunshine on the Sunday best mountainbike. Explored some potential new trails.
    Then coming home to the wife baking biscuits. Om nom nom.


    off road 10k run this morning, which was suprisingly enjoyable. Afternoon spent in the mendips for the first time, didn’t get lost and found some brilliant trails, and the sun came out! Just had Fish and Chips and a pint in the local, now sitting down watching the Total Wipeout final with a rolo yoghurt that was half price! Even better than the half price pot of chocolate is that mrsbunk was with me the whole time! And she got dinner! I’ll see your brilliant wife and raise you one day! 😳 Maybe not…


    Quick ride first thing then spent the day fitting out my new shed. I’m in shed heaven 😀

    Premier Icon kimbers

    fitted my new cranks, went for a spin round the block then put it in the shed
    decided kimbers junior is old enough for the buggy so removed the pram atatchment put the seat in and went for a stroll round syon park house and gardens and in the cafe we saw………….

    she wasnt dressied as queenie though 🙁


    Road ride and shopping with our lass yesterday, donnington for the world superbike round today. Top weekend in all!

    watching the Total Wipeout final with a rolo yoghurt that was half price!

    I really don’t think that can be bettered! 😆



    Great day starting with waking up to stunning blue skies.

    Kids were at a Beaver Scouts sleepover so a leisurely start followed by a 25km local xc ride with a mate. Got back and took our wives for a very tasty Sunday dinner at the village pub.

    Collected kids and took them to my parents as my brother and his fiance were up visiting from the Midlands. A lovely chilled day with great weather – just what weekends are about.


    21 mile ride yesterday and a 20 mile ride this afternoon,Had a play on some jumps and drops,rode home,missus was just serving out Cottage pie,brilliant,had a few beers,now off to bed.

    Premier Icon dawson

    Up to watch the GP and then out for 25 mile local ride, got back and did the hoovering.
    Prepped the food for roast tea and then went for a walk in the sunny afternoon with missus and kids then back for roast tea and joined by family.

    Had taken the kids for a 4 mile pootle yesterday – need to get the them back up to 6 and 7 milers, but thought I had better start slowly, as they haven’t ridden much during the colder months.

    Woke up with a stonking headache and no ID in a corridor on an RAF base, and had to sneak out without alerting anyone to my presence, then over to MIL’s for Sunday lunch, afternoon nap on the settee, prawn curry when I woke up, then home for junk food and a nice cup of tea.

    I shall be beasting myself on the road bike this coming week as penance for the shennanigans.

    Premier Icon Esme

    Brilliant ride in Edale area, with brilliant ladies from


    Can’t afford the petrol to drive anywhere good to ride so it was just local road riding for me as usual. Before that I went out for lunch with my parents. Not much else happened this weekend!

    Have found out about some local singletrack that’s apparently alright so I’ll give that a go next weekend! And may start digging at a potentially good dirt jump spot just a few mins drive from home 🙂

    Nice ride at swinley.

    Till I fell, knocked myself unconscious, needed an ambulance and a brain scan. Now the right hand side of my face looks awful.

    Hey ho… 😉

    Best part of five hours’ ride on the Quantocks with some mates yesterday.

    Local XC enduro run by my excellent club today.

    Rode home afterwards through the forest into a perfect, hazy spring sunset. Bliss.

    VERY tired legs now 🙂


    Up at 06.30 yesterday and me and the brother in law went over to the peak district for the first time and done the ladybower classic loop plus a few miles extra as we took a wrong turn 🙄

    Had an amazing day the weather was superb and can’t wait to go back to the area again and explore some more. Seven hours on the bike and totally knackered when we got home!

    Happy Days 8)


    40+ mile ride on the trusty single speed road bike – up around Forest of Bowland.

    Absolutely b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day in the sun!

    Now my legs hurt.

    mrsconsequence and I met up with torm and explored tunnel hill, stopped after 1.5 ish hours for a drink and icecream at the pub then went out for another lap/bit of exploring. excellent weather and dusty trails 😀

    came home to discover mrsconsequence had the urge to clean her bike properly (always have to do it for her so this made my heart sing with joy), spent time chilling in the garden.

    then i cooked a big ol’ fish pie with bumper portions of veg mixed in and a salted periperi, paprika and crispy cheese topping. ate it in front of the F1 with a friendly visitor then watched “plains trains and automobiles” before bed.



    And I wasn’t even being brave. Poo.

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