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  • yunki

    that is ace.. I love you loving your life..

    My day.. not so good..

    No riding planned.. 🙁 but instead I was going to meet some folk and pick up a very rare and very cool family heirloom.. sink a few beers.. get some gossip and learn some family history.. 😀

    The car broke down on the motorway on the way there though.. RAC couldn’t fix it either..

    ho hum


    Up @ 6am to watch the GP then off to Hound Tor to meet the Dartmoor posse for a great ride, caught the sun a bit, watching WSB on the video as I type, off out for a curry & beers later as I’ve got Monday off 😆

    Even Shinythings made some new friends!


    princetown loop with zee mrs, very nice indeed.


    Spent most of the day going to the dump and back.

    being a grown-up sucks

    Premier Icon Drac

    Loop in the sun and very nearly dusty trails. Beer and bullshit with mates afterwards.


    Might put my wife on the for sale/wanted section. 😕

    Spent most of the day on the sofa with a dodgy back, I did manage a trip to Argos for a toaster. Utter shite. I think I have got cabin fever. Aaaahhhhhhh. 👿

    On the bright side I have just been for a spin round the block on my new build and the old back held up quite nice. I’m not in work till Thursday and I can feel a mid week trip to the chase coming on. 😀


    I’ve had a terrible day, so won’t spoil this thread with it 🙁

    Glad you’re having a good one though, I’m sure it’s been well earned.


    Second cow from the left is saying ‘you has got wyder bars than me, extreeme doods’!

    Premier Icon trout

    watched the GP
    Been out round Gisburn with the wife , had a beer in the pub .
    mrs trout now making lamb hotpot while I fill in the census and drink another beer .

    pretty nice day

    Premier Icon joat

    Classic Ladybower loop, with a couple of mates just getting into proper hills. No unavoidable puddles or mud, how long since that’s happened in the peaks?

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Shite – I’m halfway through an OU assignment which I will finish today one way or another.

    Riding in the sun tomorrow to make up for it though. Somewhere here 🙂


    Up at dawn for chilly 2.5hrs training on the road bike, back early to let Mrs take our girl to see The Lion King while I took the boys to see Scotland v Brazil at the Emirates. Brasil can play a bit and their fans are bloody lovely.


    short ride with my kids doing a track stand eldest pushes me over thinking it would be funny [clipped in]trap thigh between frame and bars so no proper ride today

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Spend the morning trying to figure out what to do today, and the rest of the day either cooking, cleaning, cleaning my bike or trying to relax and watch some tv.

    Still knackered after last week’s riding so trying to catch some rest before next week.


    In Sweden visiting friends who also ride so borrowedhis giant anthem x race bike and went for a 2 hour ride, fantastic loved it!
    The only problem now is his bike is full xtr Olympic rims on dt Swiss Sid teams and weighs just a little more than my big toe, and wow what difference sprintedthe last climb. Now need to shave some weight on my cotic!


    Been fettling my funduro today, freed up a stuck throttle spindle and it cost nowt, although i had to more or less take the bike apart to get at the carb. still, a good result.

    continuing the awesome wife bit, Mrs Cheeze fettled a lovely sunday roast and daughter of cheeze fettled a lovely victoria sponge.

    no wonder i cant drag my fat ass up those exmoor hills!

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Put the 120mm Rebas on the Anthem X last night and did a cracking 5 hour ride from the front door this morning. Stonkingly good route with the added delight of meeting the gorgeous Mrs Gtth at about the halfway point, who’d done the shopping in Buxton and brought me a belgian bun. Got home for a late lunch and now totally crashed out and ready for bed. A good day.

    Cumberland Brook (for those that don’t recognise it – and I was going down it, not up as it might appear!)


    Spent most of the day going to the dump and back.

    Get a van it’ll change your life.

    Bought some new plants and potted them for my new deck 😉

    5 hours riding my new jumpy bike. I can now ride stuff I couldn’t this morning.

    Unfortunately I now ache so much I am no good for anything other than a beer and a sauna

    The sauna is warming and my wife has bought me a dozen London Pride.

    I love my life.


    Volunteering on a Sustrans Trade stand at a cycle show, met some lovely people and fellow bike riders , and some just starting to ride, got a free cake and cup of tea.

    Then got home and the neighbour had left me a 16 portion black forest gateux, and a lovely thankyou card, for making her a portable ramp so she could get her husband up and down the step outside in his wheelchair.

    Piece of Gateux anyone, or will i forced to eat it all.


    just come back from 2 hours snowboarding, on my new board and bindings!

    Would have been mtbing but had a busy night dancing last night and felt it this morning.

    It’s a bit of a secret but mtbing is so much more physical than boarding.

    Felt ace!

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    WCA – great stuff but I take it the long-suffering Mrs WCA didn’t watch? 😉

    Terrific solo ride in one of my favourite areas – Watership Down. 8) Chilly to begin with but eventually the sun came out. Spotted some bluebells too! Reached 58 kph on a descent. 😯


    Quiet day just pottering around at home ‘doing stuff’ with Mrs SM and SM junior.

    Had a cracking day yesterday though; 4 hour loop around the Surrey Hills followed by beer/wine/whisky and loads of thai food over at a friend’s house. Very late night and proper knackered today.


    up and out on the trails at 0730 with a couple of mates, 2 hours of dusty fun around cann woods then back home…lovely walk around the woods behind the house with dog/kids followed by dinner (cooked by the mrs as it should be) and 2 bottles wine on the decking with relatives, feeling sunburnt and slightly pi$$ed.

    top day.


    Brilliant road ride from nottingham to sheffield. The sun even came out at the end 🙂

    Premier Icon timmys

    Got up, watched the GP (about 3hrs after real time I hasten to add!). After that headed off to Woburn for a very successful afternoon of heading down bits of singletrack I’d spotted recently but hadn’t investigated – found a couple of new-to-me trails that were very nice, happy days 🙂


    we did the eastleigh 10k road run. me and my gf first road race. but boy was it manic at Flemming park getting parked, getting to the toilets and getting our free t-shirts.
    Enjoyed more than i expected though and will be doing some more runs but hopefully off road.
    cant wait to get back on the bike though, roll on light evenings!


    Woke up late as was tired after my neighbour decided to have a fight with some youths. Went and did a 40mile ride on and around the south downs and didn’t feel knackered as much as normal. Came back to a clean house and a roast and about to crack open a Doombar!


    25 miles round the hard-pack trails of Leith and Holmbury in the sun
    felt like summer
    my gears weren’t working, my knees hurt and I’ve got a cold but I didn’t care because it felt awesome to be out in t-shirt and shorts on dusty trails
    finished off with a lager-top by the Thames

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Busy being the brilliant husband. Entertaining the kids ( horse riding, park, ice cream shop, grandparents) while mrs B slept off a nasty cold that appears to have struck her the morning after a night out drinking with old school friends. Funny that. I can’t even cash it in with a ride any time soon due to injury.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Superb 4 hour bimble around Hit the North country.

    Ran into Harry and Derek, but let them go on as didn’t want to humiliate them with my rad skillz and ‘ting.

    First time properly off road for Ms Spanner since her shoulder mashing crash in June last year – all healed for summer, wahay!


    Just got back from walking in the lakes with the wife,son and dog.On the way home we called into Lancaster for a kfc. Nom nom.


    3 and a half hours in Surrey Hills this morning replicating the ride I did yesterday, my arse hurts!

    BBQ this avo and a little cap nap now watching Back to the future.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Painfully slow and cold 46 mile road ride up the A6 to Matlock and back, rushed through the door, into the shower, shepherded MrsSwadey, 2 kids and the outlaws out the door to just make our reservation at a pub for Sunday lunch, outlaws took the kids out and MrsSwadey dropped me off at home so I could wrestle a half rotten willow stump out the garden, just finished that when they all arrived home so I could take Junior to swimming club, ate a hot cross bun for tea trying to ignore Mr Bean’s Holiday on the box, put the pets to bed and got the kids beds/baths organised before filling in the census form, now awaiting a call from my mother so she can thrill me with the minutiae (sp?) of my parents sad existence for half an hour

    *goes off to see what beers are in the cupboard…….*

    Well yesterday’s ride resulted in a catalogue of destruction: destroyed rear mech, bent hanger, pringled wheel, twisted chain, frayed shifter cable. All down to a branch.

    So repairs were undertaken this morning: new med shadow XT mech, new hanger, wheel trued, new cable, replaced a section of chain.

    And then a short ride in Rowberrow Woods where the trails were in fine condition.


    was planning on going out today (onto the ridgeway/marlbrough downs) overslept though.just watching tv/on internet practising going to make up for it tomorrow though 🙂

    Premier Icon ampthill

    two good things today. Went for a local, short, ride. I also resolved a family dispute by agreeing to see rango with daughter re wife and daughter could see eagle of the ninth. Rango was great


    oh, and I saw a big bull with massive nadgers – think today was his lucky day – though the constant trail of mountain bikers going past might have been putting him off his stroke 😀

    Loving mine today.

    Spent this morning tinkering in the garage, trip into the LBS at lunchtime to dribble over frames that cost more than my car and buy a £4.99 bit that’s not 100% what I needed and didnt quite fit, and was only £1.25 online, but it was sunny and I wanted to get the bike built and ridden!

    So gentle SS pootle to shop
    2 hour road blast, took longer than expected after getting the worst cramps I’ve ever had, but still felt good with the sun on my back and the late afternoon sunshine gradually lengthening my shadow. There’s something oddly hypnotic about watching your own shadow out in front of you, legs pistoning away.

    Roast dinner to finish 🙂

    Premier Icon phinbob

    Did a skills session today with Richard from All Biked Up in the sunshine on Holmbury Hill.

    Great fun riding and I learned loads. Top day.


    Nice deck Flip!

    I’ve been getting loose on some berm’s and popping off a 8 foot drop in the woods, getting torpedoed around and having a right laugh all fuelled by wine gums and good banter.


    Yeah i built it in a couple of weeks on and off. Its level acces for my wife and has blue and white led lights 8)


    Watched my daughter gain her next gymnastics grades …with distinction! Very proud of her we all are.

    Got home mid afternoon and managed to get out in the sunshine on the bike. Trails were, once again, super-gorgeous.

    Pizza & beer for dinner, and now settling down with a glass of red wine.

    Life is good.


    Did the 100k at the LVIS audax, awesome event.

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