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  • Bravest Thing You Have Ever Done?
  • bwaarp

    No idea what happened after that as I was told in no uncertain terms that I had done a good thing but was now in the way, so went back to our room.

    Next morning, they were at breakfast, together and her face was in a hell of a state. He had quite a few bruises I had not noticed the night before – maybe she had got a few blows during the fight, or not.

    More like the Spanish police gave him a beating. Guardia Civil?

    Not brave but one of my proudest moments was getting to the top of Cairngorm on the last chairlift with the siren blaring to clear the hill. We (me and my dad) skied a quarter of the way down (on the traverse to the top of the Cas if you it) and were pretty much the last people on the mountain in a heavy blizzard when we found a young lad cowering against the wind at the side of the traverse. His group, including the Scout leaders had skied off without him and he had just sat down not knowing where to go in the limited visibility. I ended up giving him a piggy back to the car park and we found another scout half way down the kiddy slope at the bottom who my dad guided off.

    The mini bus had already left without them but came back about 10 minutes later to some very choice words from the ski patrol and some not so choice ones from my dad 👿


    While staying in the far east many years ago I heard two dogs fighting. It was my landlord mongrel (rather large one at 26″ shoulder hight) biting the crap out of a Jap’s neighbour Jap Spitz like this one …

    The house was on top of a hill with a very steep slop down on one side towards the dense “city forest”. The fight seem to last for ages with my landlord’s dog never wanting to stop even after I called out.

    It continued until the Spitz was chased down the steep slop and the fight continued there. By the sound of it the Spitz was already badly hurt so I jumped over the fence down the steep slop to break the fight in the dense city forest (err … by the way in tropical forest you may find many dangerous creatures if not careful) but it was too late as by the time I reached there I could see my landlord’s mongrel administered its last bite into the stomach of the Spitz and I could hear a yelp cry from the Spitz and it was dead. Too late. Only after that I realised that I could have hurt myself jumping into the steep slop (more like cliff).

    The Spitz was dead so nothing I could do to bring it back … well, not really, I could always kick the crap out of my landlord’s mongrel … which I did for the remaining time while I was there. After that the mongrel would hide the moment it heard my voice. My landlord never understood why his dog ran away from me the moment it saw me …

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    About 10 years ago me a a few mates were walking down the beach as we were going surfing… there were people in the water screaming.
    A mother and young boy had got caught in a rip. Grandpa and womans husband had gone into save them and were all now in trouble. I made a bee line for grandpa as he was having difficulty keeping his head above water and slipped under the water just as I got to him. I managed to dive under and pull him to the surface. I’d paddled out on my surfboard which I gave to him to just hang onto. I then swam diagonally to the beach for about 15 minutes dragging exhausted old man behind me. The surf was pretty big that day and all I remember was telling the old man not to let go of the board or you’ll effin die. Eventually got him to the shore and had to prise him off my board. He was in sort of shock and couldn’t even stand up he was that exhausted. Asked him if he was ok.. he nodded. I smiled at him and then me and my mates left the family sat at the waters edge and ran off back into the surf. Don’t think they quite realised how close they had been to loosing 3 generations of the same family


    Shagged a fat bird so my mate could pull her hot friend.

    ‘Once more unto the breach’ :mrgreen:

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    Jumped out of the car in busy traffic on a dual carriageway after a guy walked out in front of my car, I just missed him, only for him to be hit in the face by a lorry overtaking me in the outside lane.

    Not sure if brave or just stupid. Stopped the cars behind me and kept pressure on the guys wounds until the ambulance arrived. Not sure if he survived 😥


    Not sure if he survived

    You probably don’t want to know. He’s alive and kicking until you know any different…

    I’m not very brave so I can’t help on this topic, sorry.


    I am a grade 1 listed shithouse.

    Premier Icon imnotverygood

    Officially: Stopping a mugger (with a friend) after he had broken a pensioner’s arm.

    In reality: Continuing to date my (now) wife after she had met my first request to go out with her by saying “Over my dead body”


    I stood up in front of a bunch of rioters who were about to try to set fire to a takeaway and made an impassioned plea to them not to do it whilst various missiles landed around me. I managed to force them to turn their attention elsewhere and breathed a sigh of relief. Not remotely brave, just drunk and hungry.

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    Twice I have entered in to a burning building to see if anyone was still in it, to be fair one was just a small fire so no real chance of danger, but the mate I was with didn’t follow me in to help me & save my time in the building so I guess some people perceive danger differently. I also went into a neighbouring property when the burglar alarm woke me up very early in the morning, I knew the occupant to be elderly & unlikely to be able to protect herself, even though I really disliked her I still went in.
    At all times it was just a reaction, no thought process involved at all, well apart from the fact I had called the emergency services before each event.
    Some people are born stupid 🙂

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    Double post.


    Said “no” to the wife once….and attempted to turn over call the midwife the other night…. Bloody madness I tell you.

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    It think Markie and his daughter are the bravest people on this forum tbh


    Came round the corner in the car one morning to find a shambles across the road and a car on its roof, wheels still turning, smoke gently rising. Hopped out to find driver on road, v dead. Passenger upside down but alive. Car started to burn, made the decision to get passenger out vs leaving them to cook. Got her out, sorted her out had to CPR while on phone to ambulance. They were v close and incredibly awesome. Then had to referee arguments and people trying to get past , was fckn freezing as well as had taken top off to cover driver.
    Rescued a kid from drowning – was out for a wander and could see he was in trouble. Neither parent could swim 😯 so debagged myself and went and got him. He’d swallowed a lot of water but was OK after a while.
    Neither are brave things just things that you would expect other people to do if it was you.


    I’ve not done anything like the above posts but the bravest thing a friend of mine has done was deliberately show himself in the open in Afghan knowing there was an accurate sniper around in order for his blokes to identify the point of fire.

    I suppose I must have only been about 9 or 10 when my little sister came in crying saying that a boy had hit her, so being big bro I shot out the house to go and see him.

    The only problem is, big bro is a right shortarse and I was actually the smallest kid in my year, even little sis was taller than me and she’s two years younger.

    Anyhow I storm round the corner to come face to chest with my sisters assailant. Oh SHEEET! He must have been at least 18 inches taller than me. Ah well it’s too late to back out now so I said,

    “You been hitting my sister”

    Him, “Yea, so what?”

    I closed my eyes and swung, landing a punch somewhere on his lower back, to my amazement he run off crying saying he was off to fetch his dad!
    I wanted to leg it but my mates persuaded me to stay, sure enough a couple of minutes later he was back with dad.

    “Who was it son, who hit ya?” said dad eyeing up all my bigger mates.

    “Him dad, the one in the middle” said he, pointing at me.

    “HIM!! HIM!! Get in the bloody house you” said dad, giving him a clip round the ear in the process and dragging him off.

    I was a hero in my sis’s eyes for at least a week. 😆


    Forgot to mention that long time ago in an uncivilised far east, a pickpocket put his hand in my ex back pack without knowing I was behind him. (well, I kind of know that was a hot spot for pickpocket as my office was nearby … )

    Pulled his hand out of her back pack and then gave him two strong jabs in is face. He seem surprised but, unfortunately, when he tried to explain his action I gave him the third jab … kind of funny because he looked dazed and confused after that. Yes, the police booth was just few metres away from the commotion but I did not report the matter and just let him go …

    p/s: should have fed my landlord’s mongrel to an Akita or a Tosa inu …

    Cycling through Tees Barrage many years ago & could see that the canoe course was flowing & kids swimming in the pool at the end of the course. One disappeared under the water & the other was clearly struggling. Rode down to the waters edge & went in after them. Kid that had gone under had re-appeared & disappeared below water. As I swam out I could see a green top under the water & just dived down & grabbed the top. I pulled for the surface (strong downward current) & managed to get us both up to the surface, by which time a bloke in a canoe had seen me rush into the water & come to investigate. He helped the 2nd kid to the waters edge & then came back to give me a hand pull the 1st kid to safety. Turns out the green top was a Darlington footie shirt & certainly helped me spot him under water. Kid was totally exhausted & had become too tired to fight the current.

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    Userremoved, was just thinking that a night out in Aberdeen is one of the braver things you can do. Was out with some friends one night in Aberdeen. Walking down union street we came across three girls kicking seven shades of the proverbial out of a bloke. One of my friends (not an Aberdonian) decided to intervene (against my advice), where upon the three girls and the bloke on the ground started into my friend. Needless to say we all legged it.

    Premier Icon sparksmcguff

    In Berlin last summer we (extended family, including young kids) were having a picnic on the grass just opposite the Dom. This is a touristy area, loads of people about. My brother in law decides to confront a group of punks who are having a beer and relieving themselves not to far from us. It ended with an increasingly belligerent brother in law trying to take on a large group of people who felt we were on “their territory”. Not wanting my kids to be caught up in a mini-riot I had a really pleasant conversation with the main man. Diffusing the situation before the police arrived. Probably my piss-poor German slowed everything down while people tried to work out what on earth I was saying.

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    @Alpha1653 – What was the outcome? Did they get the sniper?

    Mine was when working in a pub in London, one of the few in the area where travellers were allowed (pre Discrimination Act). One day these four blokes came in, and bang, there was one of the regulars surrounded by these four who were beating the crud out of him with bar stools. Went round and de-stooled one of them and authoritatively invited them to get out, now. Which they did, without a peep. Not sure why, as I was on my own and they were all bigger than me.


    Had to turn and face a herd of galloping cows one day when it became clear I wasn’t going to get across the field before they did.

    I remember thinking ‘I’m not going to be trampled by a herd of fricken cows’ so I ran towards them shouting and waving my arms. The cows at the front stopped so quickly the others piled into the back of them there were cows everywhere but most importantly they all stopped. There was a face-off for a second or two and then I did my best scary ogre impression and they backed off. I turned around and walked away and every time I looked back to see were they where they were following at a respectable distance 🙂


    I could always kick the crap out of my landlord’s mongrel … which I did for the remaining time while I was there. After that the mongrel would hide the moment it heard my voice. My landlord never understood why his dog ran away from me the moment it saw me …

    maybe its just me, I’m not sure how brave kicking the shit out of a dog is to be honest 😕

    my finest hour? Helping to disarm a mentally ill and violent ex-student who had come on site intent on stabbing a few people. It happened very fast and it wasn’t until afterwards that I realsied how close we came to catastrophe.


    Was out running through one of my city’s less salubrious areas and came across two young guys just laying into an elderly woman in the street.

    Definitely one of those moments when you just react without any thought: just charged right in, throwing punches, elbows and kicks.

    Between the three of us, we gave her a right kicking…


    10yrs old in South Africa.

    me and 5 other kids got swept out to sea, at Shark Point, the Haven. I managed to help a kid get back to shore, 2 kids didnt make it, bodies never found.

    Is called Shark Point for a reason, area frequented by Ragged Tooth sharks


    I once told somebody on an internet forum that they were wrong.

    Premier Icon mrchrispy

    propper LOL @ arrpee


    Attempting to break wind whilst suffering a major of bout diarrhea. I properly nearly pooed myself…

    Premier Icon kimbers

    late night heard a series of bangs, ran out and a corsa was zig zgging down the road bouncing off cars, me and a neighbour chased after by the time we caught her the front wheels were at an angle and couldnt go too fast in a moment of stupid i shouted at the driver to stop and jumped on the bonnet and the neighbour reached in and grabbed the keys

    the police eventually found about 15 cars had been hit

    was a 20 something woman,very drunk, just been dumped and crying the whole time.


    I once told somebody on an internet forum that they were wrong.


    @edlong – Yeah, I think the sniper got the good news not long after that, but not before he put a few rounds through my mate’s day sack!

    Attached two medium sized dogs who were setting upon a little cocker spaniel with its owner going hysterical.

    Grabbed the most aggressive looking dog by its collar and hurled it back hand above my shoulders and flung the dog in the air. It landed on its back with a yelp.

    Went to grab the other and it ran away. The flying dog got up and legged it.

    Tactic of show total aggression worked thankfully.


    Tackled a shoplifter who was filling his coat pockets with transistor radios and was pushing around the elderly lady shopkeeper – after a few seconds his mate turned up, having emptied his pockets and they both turned on me. One took a swing, which I dodged but it connected with a tooth and knocked it out – it was rotten anyway so he did me a favour.

    Ended up in a French nightclub with two mates, absolutely blind drunk, with three girls who kept ordering more and more bottles of champagne and whisky. Realised what was happening and asked for the bill, which was £1200. Told the management I wasn’t paying and we needed to discuss it. Found myself surrounded by five big blokes who proceded to kick my shins so hard they bled, out of sight of the other patrons. Managed to negotiate it down to £195, paid, got out and realised my mouth was bone dry with fear.

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