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  • Torminalis

    Following on from the ‘would you jump’ thread, what is the bravest thing you have ever done to help someone else?

    Premier Icon DezB

    I did jump into a swimming pool to save a neighbour who couldn’t swim.

    I also confronted “Anarchy Brian”, renowned local punk nutter when my girlfriend said he’d grabbed her. He jumped on me, but I could’ve had ‘im (if a load of his mates hadn’t been standing round) 😀


    in the middle of the night there was screaming outside my house, a woman/girl, I put a dressing gown on and went out… i think her bf was getting a bit too friendly and she wasnt interested, they’d both had a drink and she was screaming blue murder. I forced them apart and then just before he could hit me a nice police car showed up and I was told to go back inside sir.

    its a fine line between brave and stoopid.

    I ran half the length of Belmont Street in Aberdeen to help out a mate who was getting a pounding from half a dozen Aberdeen Soccer Casuals.

    Actually, not so much brave, as stupid. Happily though, it turned out that they were all pretty hammered, so I came away with just a broken jaw.


    I grabbed and held a woman who had stolen some sort of fur coat. She was running up the street with a couple of security bods chasing after her.


    Stopping someone (a BBC employee as it happened) having his skull smashed in by it being repeatedly smashed against the road by a drug crazed, muscle bound freak. I did it the only way I knew would work.. knocked him out.

    As the initial victim was in hospital with a fractured skull and could initially remember nothing, the police decided it would be great fun to charge me with GBH with racial intent (for no other reason than the assailant was black and I was white) as I broke his cheekbone.

    They even trawled the streets the next day trying to invent whitnesses by telling their version of events then asking if anyone saw it. Was a complete stitch up and completely changed my opinion of the police forever.

    Thank god one of their invented witnesses told me the story, not knowing it was ME they were trying to stitch up.

    oh by the way.. the assailant ‘dissapeared’.

    Still consider my actions brave, and would do it again, but wouldnt trust the police to do whats right.. Got to get them stats up eh!!


    Stepped in to stop my little brother (pre-pubescent 13 yr old at the time) from being set upon by two drunks. Thankfully I got the better of them – their drunken state clearly didn’t help.

    Ohh, and I was wearing slippers – all I can remember happening at the time was the thought (as I punched one guy in the face) was ‘I’m wearing my slippers, I’m wearing my slippers’ 😀

    Premier Icon aracer

    Define “brave”. Generally the bravest acts don’t have much conscious thought process involved before carrying them out – that certainly goes for what would be my entry which I’m not going into as it’s still something which makes me very sad.

    Not signing a new Contract for my job as it would disrupt my bike time and hours to my full knowledge that im gonna get redundant of my action.. Believe it or not.. Wasnt bother at all.. Dont know why till now 🙄



    My only real moment of ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ was some years ago on Holiday. The couple in the room next to mine were having a serious domestic dispute which quickly escalated to serious smashing and screaming.

    I got dressed, went next door, reached though the nice freshly punched hole in the door and let myself in. I managed to knock the bloke to the bed, gave his Mrs a chance to lock herself in the bathroom and then managed to talk him down until another resident of the hotel (a very burly bloke in boxers) came and backed me up.

    The only conscious thought I remember having as I got up to go and sort it out was ‘well, I better put some shoes on if I am going to have to give someone a kicking’.

    Didn’t sleep a wink that night.


    Not particularly brave but probably dragging a bloke out of a pick up truck that was on its side. After having an argument with idiots that me breaking the window was going to create sparks that would ignite the spilt petrol. The truck was diesel and there wasn’t any that had spilt, the idiots tried to drag me away! Also as far as I am aware breaking glass doesn’t create sparks.


    once stepped into stop a domestic violence case in the street
    He was just punching her in the face whilst he had hold of her hair

    After removing him from her she then attacked me screaming leave him alone* …i did he hit her some more

    the Polica arrived and they tried to have me charged with assault
    The police did not even ask me my name and arrested them both

    * by this time i could smell the boozze on them both and she was dripping with blood so i was not keen on restraining them both


    I once showed two newbies how to ride weirwolf drop at Cannock!

    I didn’t really, I just stood around videoing people make a fist of it, then posted their pathetic efforts on You Tube.

    Erm, I didn’t really do that either, but had nothing ‘brave’ to contribute. IGMC…

    Premier Icon hairyscary

    I had four of the local scumbags sent to prison after they gave me an absolute pasting (they were taking running kicks at my head). Before the trial I was receiving death threats and my home was coincidentally burgled three times.

    I have given first aid to a stranger who had been punched to the ground during a mass drunken brawl as the fight went on around me. I was perfectly sober. The guy died a few days later and I had to appear at court as a witness.

    I see the first one as braver as the second one was just a snap reaction.

    On hols in Lanzarote, kids were only 3 & 4, Mrs Cat woke me at about 1am to the sounds of an almighty row happening on the floor above, so loud it had woken the boys.

    I listened and explained that a shouting match is a shouting match and they will probably be mortally embarrassed in the morning at breakfast.

    A couple of minutes later we heard some loud bangings and scraping of furniture as well as some pretty heavyweight slapping (the balcony doors on both apartments were open).

    I am neither big or hard, but at the sound of someone getting knocked around I ran upstairs and hammered on the door (not another soul to be seen).

    I am 5’10” but could see easily over the youth who opened the door – early 20s, very aggressive demeanour and was straight in my face. Wobbly legs time but I calmly suggested that he should stop hitting his wife/girlfriend (she was on the floor sitting under a blanket sobbing, bloody nose and lips) he requested that I make him, I offered to oblige (I was at this point anticipating getting a good shoeing – metaphorically and literally). Amazingly he backed down, seems he wasn’t up to fighting anyone who could fight back. I asked the girl to come out and wait in our room but she was way too scared.

    As this was happening two of the largest Spanish policemen I have ever seen came into the room, one almost had to duck and turn sideways to get in. He asked me to step into the corridor with his marginally slighter colleague to make a statement whilst he “discussed” the situation with the chap.

    The girl was taken into the bathroom to get cleaned up by a woman from another room.

    No idea what happened after that as I was told in no uncertain terms that I had done a good thing but was now in the way, so went back to our room.

    Next morning, they were at breakfast, together and her face was in a hell of a state. He had quite a few bruises I had not noticed the night before – maybe she had got a few blows during the fight, or not.

    Two things amaze me about this – no one else came out to help her and there were rooms adjacent, opposite, above and below, and she was still with him in the morning, clearly she had not pressed charged because he was not in a Spanish gaol.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    In my yoof I travelled down the Rio Negro in Brasil on a big paddle steamer. It was basically the local public transport and was rammed full of hammocks strung from every available space, very very much like sardines in a tin. When we docked early one morning, I woke to see a local “character’ trying to push a fellow traveller out of his hammock and overboard. I stepped in – not much more than a bit of a wrestle – and stopped it. The local police then came aboard and “discouraged” any further fracas with some very big guns.

    Unfortunately my relatively minor injuries were not very well stitched back together again, but at least I have some scars and a good story.

    Premier Icon aracer

    He had quite a few bruises I had not noticed the night before – maybe she had got a few blows during the fight, or not.

    My money’s on him falling over whilst talking to the police.


    Bravest Thing I have Ever Done?

    That’ll be enter into a thread with TJ harping on about Wave Electricity Generation in that Scottish Land.


    Cycling into work one evening I came across a copper getting a kicking from some bloke. It was early evening still daylight and a few people were around but just watching. Without really thinking I stopped dropped the bike, went over and grabbed the guy restraining him while the copper composed himself and then cuffed him. He then thanked me and I went on my way.
    Later on it occurred to me to wonder whether the bloke had actually done anything wrong as I’ve been arrested in the past at the behest of my now ex-wife for some made up nonsense but he was giving the cop a good going over so I reckoned that in itself deserved a night at least in the cells.


    As a spotty yoof, working as a glass collector in my local nightclub. At the end of one night was just about to leave when I heard the head of door staff shouting and threatening the boss, the female club manager. Thinking quickly, I knocked on the office door, let myself in, and, shaking like a leaf, asked her “Was there anything else you needed?”. She replied that there wasn’t. I stayed put. The 7ft head of door staff said I could go now, so I politely pointed out I didn’t work for him, nor take instructions from him. The argument therefore went no further.

    As he left the head of door staff muttered some menacing threat about letting me off this time but if I ever crossed him again.

    My manager gave me £50 cash (in those days a fortune) and thanked me. With the money I was able to get some new clean underpants.


    Working in a big restaurant kitchen one night and one of the waitresses came in to get some cream out of this huge 6 foot tall fridge that was sat on top of a metal workbench. The top of the fridge was nearly touching the ceiling, probably about ten foot up.

    The girl opened the door and as I watched the legs on the table collapsed and the fridge started falling forwards onto the girl. Completely automatically and without any real thought at all, I sprinted across the kitchen and leapt at her, grabbed her while I was in mid and then we both hit the ground hard as the fridge crashed to the floor where she had been stood. The impact of the fridge on the floor broke a load of tiles.

    Brave? Stupid? It’s a very fine line. If I’d have thought about it I’d have been more careful I reckon.

    I’ve also had a knife held against my chest completely randomly by a guy in the street while he ranted away about stuff I didn’t really understand. I stayed calm throughout, didn’t get aggressive or try and disarm him. He eventually legged it. Afterwards I was shaking with shock. Still not brave.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    The girl opened the door and as I watched the legs on the table collapsed and the fridge started falling forwards onto the girl. Completely automatically and without any real thought at all, I sprinted across the kitchen and leapt at her, grabbed her while I was in mid and then we both hit the ground hard as the fridge crashed to the floor where she had been stood. The impact of the fridge on the floor broke a load of tiles.

    I hope you got her phone number as an absolute minumum. 😉

    Me and a mate (who is a policeman) pulled a couple apart at a party who were fighting. We pushed the bloke against the wall and my police mate advised him to calm down. However, as we had him restrained his musses took the opportunity to glass him. 😯

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Worked in a rough pub as a student, broken up maaany fights! even got some compo off a lad whom I was throwing out, he took a swing and connected, I got a thick lip and £75 as the police picked him up 2 mins later 🙂

    Was in my Gf at the time’s shop and spied an undesirable popping some wares into a carrier bag, watched him as he made a b-line for the door, I put myself infront of him and asked if he intended to pay for the stuff.

    ‘Wossit to you’, was the response, to which I replied with ‘I like to see people pay for things they take, so if you aren’t going to pay for it, put it back and **** off’. Off he went.

    I was a bit shaken after it, thinking he might have had a go, and probably would have won, but I was taller than him so I guess he overestimated how hard I was!

    GF was very appreciative that evening though :mrgreen:


    Some similarities to Roger the Cat

    Stopped two blokes slapping a girl outside a hotel at 2am in the morning in Kos. They turned on me and I stuck up for myself. They then pulled out id and they were police.
    I got a good hiding in the back of a police car and 14 days in a Greek gaol!


    Not much really although I did once make a citizen’s arrest when a drunken gypsy killed a cygnet with a whip in Leamington Spa park in front of some mums and their kids.

    I was bricking it I can tell you when I approached him I was expecting it to kick off but I put a hand on his shoulder and his arm behind his back just like in the movies and he didn’t resist – probably too pissed. Another bloke joined in and we frog marched the fecker to the police station which was just around the corner.

    Got a letter of commendation from West Mercia’s Chief Constable

    Premier Icon DavidB

    I looked during the caesarian when my daughter was born


    daveb wins

    1)Attempted (with the help of my lovely wife) to resuscitate a dead/dying man
    on the roadside outside Kippford Holiday Park 2 years ago. Sadly we were unsuccessful.

    2)Tailed a weaving van driver for 6 miles while the traffic police vectored in on him, then managed to (safely) persuade him to pull over. He was diabetic and hadn’t eaten all day.

    3)Persuaded two violent drunks that they really should put down the broken bottles they were trying to shove in each other’s faces, as a slip the wrong way would have been a murder charge for one or the other.

    4)Not accepting a certain beautiful, funny but mixed-up girl’s offers of undying love, and persuading her that she really needed to give her marriage another chance.

    I hope she did…


    Walking home one night and got near the flats where I stayed when I heard a faint beeping noise which got louder until I realised it was the smoke alarm from a downstairs neighbour. Checked the window at the front but couldn’t see for the smoke and the window was very hot. tried kicking the door in but it was too sturdy so I ran round the back to check and luckily there was a window on the latch. Forced it open and jumped in,opened the door and got hit by a wave of heat,couldn’t see a friggin thing the smoke was so thick, I actually tripped over her in the hall 🙂 Anyways, opened the front door and dragged her out, turns out her tv had gone up in smoke when on standby.
    Best part was her brother was a fireman and he arrived a couple of mins later to put it out, thanked me profusely saying I’d get a bravery medal and all that crap only to see him in the paper the next week saying how he had saved his sisters life by dragging her from the burning building.


    he had saved his sisters life by dragging her from the burning building.

    What a hero. 🙄

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Broke up a glaswegian couple having a fight in the street. She beat the shit out of me 🙁


    Broke up a glaswegian couple having a fight in the street. She beat the shit out of me

    Now that was definitely beyond the brave and into the stupid. I’ve had some experience with splitting up fighting couples and it seems to rarely be a good idea!


    On sight soloed The Brush Off on Rivelin Edge (E4 5c).

    Stepped in two two ‘yoofs’ harassing a young woman on Halloween a few years back. They ended up confronting me with bottles but I managed to persuade them to walk away.

    Premier Icon RobinL

    Hardly brave but …

    In a local co-op at the till when a number of the female staff headed towards the door, a grubby looking chap then appeared from one of the aisles dragging a bag with a couple of assistants hanging onto the other end shouting, without really thinking I put my arms under his and round the back of his neck, forcing him to let go of the bag, expecting to have to wrestle him to the ground the assistants shouted to get him out of the shop. I was virtually at the door by this time so just released him onto the street. At this point he backed off about 10 feet swore and threw something at me, I turned to receive a small missile in the side. I was about to go after him but the assistant said don’t, they know who he is and he was banned from the shop. The assistant then picked up the missile – a crushed creme egg !
    They took details and thanked me for being the only one to help – the shop was busy !
    I got a rollocking from the wife when I got home for stepping in, but it’s surprising the bruise you can get from a creme egg 😆

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    My wife and I were staying on the 7th floor of a hotel in Rome, in which a large group of Greek men were also staying (I suspect they were football supporters.)

    On the second night, we were awakended to a massive BOOM and the shake of our building, so I got out of the bed to peer out our window.

    Smoke was billowing out of the lower floors of our hotel, and I said to my wife, ‘I think we’ve just been bombed’.

    Our subsequent conversation went like this:

    Her: What do you think we should do?

    Me: Well, you saw the exits. They all go down into the lobby where the smoke is emanating from.

    Her: So there’s nothing we can do.

    Me: I don’t think so. I imagine if they need to evacuate us, someone will come and knock on our door. If they don’t, and the building collapses, then we die. Not much we can do either way.

    Her: Yes, you’re right.

    Us: Might as well go back to bed.

    In the morning, the stairs leading down to the breakfast room were covered in white soot and blood up to about the second floor, the lobby was a blackened hole, and all the staff were going about their jobs like nothing had happened.

    Obviously we weren’t threatened, but I was pleased that both my wife and I were calm enough to handle it without panicking.

    i’ve forgotten her name, but she had many piercings, a few scars, liked biting and took me back to her ex boyfriends house.

    How disappointing 🙁 I can’t think of one thing I’ve done which I would class as ‘brave’.


    How disappointing I can’t think of one thing I’ve done which I would class as ‘brave’.

    Is that because the situation has never presented itself?

    If so, then you are probably very fortunate.

    liked biting and took me back to her ex boyfriends house.


    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    I might have mentioned on STW that I’m not keen on Top Gear any more.

    The lawn’s quite nice at the moment – that burning crucifix is going to ruin it, I tell ya.

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