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  • Boost Conversions.
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    So, with some time likely to be weighing on my hands. I started thinking…  That’s where the trouble starts

    I have a set of non-Boost, Bos Devilles FCV 15mm or 20mm axle,with 160mm of travel on my Transition Patrol and a set of Ohlins RXF36’s Boost with 170mm travel on my Stanton Switchback.  My Patrol has 2016 Roval Traverse non-boost wheels and the Stanton a set of Boost Hunt Enduro Wides.

    I have been thinking of swapping the Ohlins to the Patrol – just because I will then have Ohlins front and rear.  Then putting the Bos on the Stanton.

    I understand converting the Rovals to Boost should be straightforward – based as they are on DT hubs.  However, with the Hunt wheels, I think I would need a new hub or more likely a new matching wheel?

    On both counts, am I correct…?

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    You can get Roval-specific boost kits form Specialized, so yes to that. Wheels may need a redish, but that’s an easy/cheap job.

    Yes on the Hunts also, no way to go boost to non-boost without a narrower hub

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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