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  • Bluetooth ear buds for riding
  • joepud
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    I wouldn’t normally want to wear headphones while riding (especially on road), but for gravel rides im after some earbuds for solo rides. Anyone got any recommendations for something that wont fall out of my ears when it gets a little dumpy?


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    These are great and i use for riding and don’t fall out. I think for sports they are better than getting the ones without a cable as on the off chance they do come out at some point they won’t be lost forever. Also it means they are really easy to rip out if you end up on a busy road or someone wants to chat

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    i have ones similar to above. the cable isnt an issue and if one falls out i dont lose it.

    if you go for proper ear buds then I`d make sure i get a color you can spot aginst a muddy dark floor.

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    good shout on the wire! Hopefully I could wire loop the wire through the helmet straps then just to make double sure. cheers both!

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    Jabra Elite Active 75s. Great sound quality, and will block out tons of noise if thats what you want. They also have a hear through function so you can hear your surroundings.

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    There’s another current thread on exactly this. I like the BeatsX.

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    I’ve got some like this. I like that you can use one at a time (and it switches to mono sound), so you can keep one ear open for external sound (still wouldn’t use them on the road). Also stay in place no problem on the mtb.

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    I use a pair of ‘plantronics babckbeat fit’ headphones.

    Like these

    Batteries last ages, they’re waterproof, and the rubber strap at the back is very sure and comfortable.

    Microphone works well to take calls while riding too.

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    Plantronics and The Anker ones work well.

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    Have a look at Aftershokz, they’re great for riding. Can be had for much more reasonable prices second hand.

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    If budget isn’t to much of an issue I definitely recommended the Powerbeats pro wireless option! Hook over the ears easy controls on the headphones, volume, pause, skip forward and back options with just tapping on the side of both headphones. If you have an I phone they link straight up as made by Apple to so that’s easy also Bluetooth to other makes the same. Good sound to. I use them for work riding dog waking lol most days now.
    as I said though not cheep. I’ve also seen them for sale on market place so look there to

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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