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  • The other day my missus took me shopping. I can put up with idiots buying things they don’t need, but when this women tried to take my shopping out of my trolley I snapped. I said “Get your npt-so-lovely hands of my stuff, you not-so-lovely pile of manure. She said she didn’t know it was mine (yep, the buggy with a kid must’ve looked like a shop’s trolley) and followed that with I DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH.
    BTW She looked a typical Muslim woman loads of whom live in West London.

    She looked a typical Muslim woman

    Perhaps she was muslim ?

    But yeah, they really try it on these foreign speaking muslim looking types – don’t they ?

    Mind you, you did say that you’d bought a load of stuff which you didn’t need, so I don’t know what you’re creating a fuss about.

    Should’ve punched her in the t*ts, that’d have taught her!

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    Report her for theft and Sharia justice?


    So, actually just politely informing her that it was your trolley, and that you intended to actually buy the items within, wasn’t sufficient?

    BTW She looked a typical Muslim woman loads of whom live in West London

    Please explain. I’m not sure I know what a ‘typical Muslim woman’ looks like. I mean, Muslims come from the Far East, the Subcontinent, the Middle East, many parts of Africa, Europe and even Britain, believe it or not, so I’d imagine there is quite a diversity of culture, and indeed, race, within the ‘Islamic community’.

    But I’ve no doubt that a man like yourself (I’m assuming you are male, from your previous descriptions of yourself, unless you are in fact an unfortunate female with an unsightly hair problem) needed to get so agressive with a woman. She surely deserved it, the thieving bitch.

    Was she dressed as a Ninja, or Dalek? She was probably trying to blow you and your family, and all the other decent, God-Fearing people in the shop up. Maybe you should have actually restrained her, lest she commit some terrorist atrocity.

    Ah, good old STW; defying open-mindedness, intelligence and social progress, since the Dark Ages…

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    I think she was in the right!

    If you go internet shopping and put stuff in your basket it can still be bought by others until you have done the checkout bit.

    Happened to me in the CRC flood sale when bits I had in my basket suddenly showed stock at zero!

    Maybe she’s more used to internet shopping.

    Not sure what not speaking English has to do with her taking things out your trolley though. Clearly using the race card to diffuse the situation.

    IME A typical Muslim-looking woman from West London looks as if she just came out of Middle East, considers herself more British than majority of you ever will and speaks English rather well until it’s inconvenient. Then “Sorry, no English.” comes into play. They do it here all the time.

    BTW Any normal bloke would be distressed in a kids clothes shop if shopping with a wife.

    Feeling better already, time to go shopping 😆


    That’s a very different view of a

    typical Muslim-looking woman from West London

    than I have, having lived in west London for 15 years and having worked with them for that time as well.
    Maybe you should try shopping at Bluewater instead – a much better class of Kents there.


    I’d be more worried if she put something in your trolley!!


    Hmm, so you genuinely acted very aggressively, towards a woman, over a pile of stuff which was not legally yours, then? How very gentlemanly.

    Her claim to ‘not speak English’ was possibly a defensive reaction, to feeling quite threatened. And your tone suggests you are not particularly well disposed towards ‘typical Muslim Women’. How do you feel about ‘typical Christian women’, or typical Jewish women’, etc?

    I think somebody’s had a bit of a ‘Glupton Moment’…

    I think somebody’s had a bit of a ‘Glupton Moment’…

    To be fair, Hairychested appears to have got confused by the whole incidence. Firstly he says quote :

    this women tried to take my shopping out of my trolley

    And then in the next sentence he says quote :

    yep, the buggy with a kid must’ve looked like a shop’s trolley

    So he doesn’t seem to know whether it was a trolley or a buggy 😯

    Still, I’m sure that the ‘typical Muslim looking woman’ was up to no good. I know that when I go out thieving I like to take stuff out of other peoples trolleys as it draws less attention than taking it from shop shelves.


    Heh! Does seem like bad manners on her part, and pretty bloody rude, tbh.

    But I wonder if HC’s real reaction was as he tells us, or it’s just on here where he’s really letting off steam?

    Maybe he should have put her on her arse?


    it seems as though there are two issues here tbh, one that someone took something out of the trolley which whether you have paid for it or not is bad manners. The second being the whole ‘I don’t speak english’ which if you’re a resident which annoys me as people come over here to reap benefits but don’t learn the lingo, same can be said for brits who go abroad though but annoys the hell out of me when people don’t atleast try when they are in another nation

    RB, I can’t say exactly what I said as I don’t fancy a ban, but you get the gist.
    What peeds me off big time is the situation when a so-called Briton claims to speak no language despite yapping on a mobile just seconds earlier in English. If I were a Brit it’d be offensive, methinks.
    Taff is spot on with his observations. In France, Germany or Poland (and possibly many a different country too) you either speak the language or you’re stuffed. Here you get an interpreter, multi-language notices etc. and you, the Brits, aren’t even allowed to be unhappy about the issue anymore, at least here in London.


    ^^ agreed.

    Tempting, very tempting. Although…

    would be better I suppose.


    I’m not British so not allowed to read it 😐


    Just chill out. Getting all worked up over something so trivial is just stupid. And try not to be so judgmental of others.

    From my perspective, based on what you’ve told me:

    Woman tries to sneak things out of your trolley. Rude, and ill-mannered. You let fly with a torrent of abuse. She gets scared, then tries to claim she doesn’t understand English, so you might relent a bit, and not be so threatening.

    You see?

    Gotta try and see it from a different perspective.

    And don’t go to any more sales!

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    Not being a lawyer but I believe case law has it that removing shopping from anothers basket before payment is theft (physical world not interwebs). No doubt a legal type will be along presently to educate us all.

    I agree with the last point 100%. Pubs are far better.

    What got me really angry was her “I don’t speak English” bull****.
    I need to listen to this way too often at work and know how untrue it is. They are fluent claiming benefits, council housing, free training or financial support, but can’t converse if inconvenient. Besides, I wasn’t threatening, I told her where to go. If anything about me was threatening it might have been my long black hair, leather coat, t-shirt, or the unshaven mug.
    Off to learn some unpleasantries in Arabic (done it in Hindu, Russian, Polish, German, Portuguese and Spanish – multiethnic manure).
    Off to sing Land of Hope and Glory. Anger’s gone!


    They are fluent claiming benefits, council housing, free training or financial support

    Here we go…

    Jaffa Cake, anyone?


    I’d have got Joey Barton involved. He’d have sorted it.


    Or Steven Gerrard, by the sounds of things!

    Barton’s a thug, but I never had Gerrard down as someone like that. Most surprised.


    I need to listen to this way too often at work

    Cycle Trainer

    You need to find another job.

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