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    Whats the faff of a down bag?

    I take mine out of its bag, and sleep in it, then put it away again. Its lighter and packs smaller than a synthetic bag, no faff.

    Price range may help. PHD do larger sizes good kit but costly.

    Sssshhh let him buy synthetic, he has been reading ill informed bullcrap on the internet about down, keeps the price down for the rest of us !

    Right, Ok that's two folks with no synthetic suggestion, anyone else?

    got rid of all my synthetic bags for alpkit down ones. The alpkit sky high are roomy. i'm 6ft and 16 stone.

    Temperature range ?
    Budget ?
    Weight ?

    Temp – nothing less than -2 ideally
    budget – erm,say £120?
    weight – tbh, bulk more important to me than weight, if I wanted to lose weight, I could do it a lot cheaper than kit. as small as poss.

    I'm 6'2" and 16 stone, I'm for an XL Hunka, but which synthetic bag for inside?. Got to be synthetic, can't be having the faff of a down bag.


    The Snugpak 'forces' stuff might be worth a look but could be a touch bulky.

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    Mountain Hardwear Lamina series are spot on IMHO..

    What Teeto said

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    No Beer,

    6ft 7 here and I'm a big fan (you see what I did there) of 'Big Agnes' bags. Clever design and BIG (length and width) as the name suggests, although end up packing smaller than a conventional.

    They do a range of synthetic and down bags, I'll not bother trying to recommend one or another as there's loads to choose from.

    An American company, but they are now imported into UK.

    Good luck and it's always good to hear from other tall chaps how they get on with kit, so keep us posted.


    Oh and someone mentioned Snug pack – Many years ago, I contacted them and they made an extra long bag up for me (basically stitched an extra panel in bottom). Only downside was that it tapered right off to minimal width at feet end. No good If you've got size 13s on the end of your legs!

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    alpkit SkyeHigh 600
    Options: Length: Long

    decent size / reasonable weight. and yes i know it's down 🙂


    Snugpak will be plenty long enough for you and they do a zip in expander panel to give you more shoulder room.

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