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  • Premier Icon zippykona

    We had this on holiday and liked it.
    Not sure why it’s twice the price of normal muesli.
    Anyway today’s muesli was soaked overnight in apple juice had 2 spoons of yoghurt added and apple grated onto it. Very tasty.
    How do you do yours?


    soak oats over night- I prefer to use milk[ soya ] than fruit juice.
    in the morning
    Grate an apple into it- the only essential ingredient IMHO for the crunch
    Add whatever fruit i happen to have mix of citrus and soft fruits in summer more dried fruits in winter [ which you can also soak if you wish ] but i usually only use dates for that. Often use desiccated coconut and various seeds which are cheap if you have a local asian store nearby.

    For me its just a dish for using whatever fruit you have to hand.

    Premier Icon Yak

    Lidl fruity one with milk.
    Failing that, a couple of fried eggs on toast.


    I have some variety of this most days. Use jumbo oats, rather than the smashed up processed ones. They only really need 2 hrs to soak.

    I keep big bags of frozen red berries (Sainsbury’s basic ones) and microwave a few every morning to use in it.
    Flax seed
    Chia seed
    Dried cranberries
    Greek yoghurt
    Chopped nuts.

    Lovely!! In fact I’ve just eaten a bowl now!!

    Premier Icon chipster

    2 dessert spoons of bought in muesli (last one was Sainsbury’s nutty bircher) mixed 50/50 with porridge oats, a layer of fruit (banana and blueberries, usually) then 2 dollops of Lidl low fat Greek yoghurt), repeat to fill the seal-able pot (Tupperware type thing)
    I make 2, sorts me for the following 2 mornings’ breakfasts.
    The idea came from someone who posted it on here a few years ago.


    My good lady is half Swiss and spent/spends a lot of time over there, I discovered this veritable feast of a yoghurty thing a couple of years back and now it probably makes up 10% of my food intake.
    No idea what she puts in it but she makes something the size of a small bucketfull every 3 to four days and I plough through it.
    Seems to be soaked oats, at least two different types of yoghurt, milk, mixed fruit. All blummin sorts.


    It’s disgusting and it’s Müesli.

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