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  • Binners artwork – for sale anywhere?
  • Premier Icon Shackleton

    I’ve often enjoyed the big mans work on here but have never known whether he sells it. I imagine that there is some hanging on the walls of Gregs but I rarely make it in

    Anyone know if there is a website?

    Binners, if you are reading this and would rather send me an email it is in my profile. I may be interested in a commission but have to confess I have no idea what that would mean price wise (ie whether I can afford it).

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    PDMTB are currently running a raffle to raise funds for Cutgate. There’s a piece by Binners included in the list of prizes I believe


    As above, but make sure to deluge the website with spam, he loves it.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    No posting grot or viagra on the site though, he (claims to) hates that.

    And no big lavish commissions! He’s already working on a couple for me!

    binners, will drop you a mail this aft…

    Premier Icon Alex

    Binners (Adam) draw a commission for me and it was a great experience. He’s a top bloke and a fab artist and every time I look at what he drew it reminds me of a fantastic day in the mountains. I’ll definitely get another pic at some point.


    I have a copy of the first old bets print – hangs in my lounge and continues to remind me that I live in a shit place with no hills

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Bemused why his site doesn’t seem to have pricing or availability to sell ?


    If you need to ask the price, you cant afford it

    Premier Icon weeksy

    I disagree. I may not want to afford it… However, i may think it’s perfectly reasonable.

    Premier Icon binners

    Morning All

    I’ve only just seen this. Thanks for the interest Shackleton. I’ll email you now.

    I don’t put prices on my site as with commissions it’s a bit ‘how long is a piece of string?’. It depends entirely on what you want. As I do pretty much anything at any size, so if you wanted a 30 x 40cm  personalised version of an existing design, but with you and your bike added in, then thats going to be a whole lot different, price-wise, from something that going to take me a day to draw up and be printed massive (biggest yet is 4 x 4.5 metres).

    But I keep my prices reasonable as I firmly believe that having personalised bespoke artwork shouldn’t be the reserve of people with wads of cash. Plus I love doing what I do, and I genuinely regard it as an honour that people choose me to do something so deeply personal and special to them. And anyone off here gets mates rates as I’m really grateful for the support I’ve got from you all.

    For example, here’s one I’ve just done. It was commissioned as a first wedding anniversary present to his wife and shows the view across Derwentwater to Cat Bells – the spot where he proposed, with them both in the foreground. I mean…. how nice is it to get the chance to do that for someone? That’s what passes for ‘work’ in my world, apparently. This was printed and framed at a metre wide. With mates rates, you’re looking at 250 quid for that, mounted and framed. I think that’s pretty reasonable for a one-off piece of bespoke artwork.

    [url=]Derwentwater[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr.

    This is Alex’s, which he’s referred to. Him and his mates in Ardeche…

    [url=]Ardeche[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    ..and another recent commission. It was for her husbands 50th birthday and shows him, in his favourite Kraftwerk Tour De France top, getting to the top of Mont Ventoux, which he’d recently ridden, printed, window mounted and framed at 80 x 60cm

    [url=]Mont Ventoux[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    Seeing this stuff on screen doesn’t really do them justice. I print on 180gsm uncoated cartridge paper on an Epsom digital wide format press which supersaturates the colours. They look completely different at scale, all mounted and framed 🙂

    Premier Icon binners

    Guys if you want to help raise some cash for the Cut Gate Mend Our Mountains appeal then raffle tickets are available here. I’ve donated a framed print of Ladybower, but there’s loads of other goodies up for grabs…

    [url=]Ladybower[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    Shakleton – There’s no email in your profile so I’ve just sent you a personal message fella

    Premier Icon binners

    Oh, and in case you weren’t bored enough of my ceaseless wittering and self-promotion on here, you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Its all about ME, ME, ME innit? 😀

    Paying for Binners artwork?


    Sometimes, you can goad him into doing freebies…. 🙂

    Premier Icon peekay

    I really can’t recommend Binners enough.

    He produced a bespoke piece for us. Me and my partner doing our favourite things (me on my bike, her on her horse), silhouetted against our local landscape. Every single detail in it is special to us. It has pride of place in our kitchen.

    We love it so much that we also asked him to produce our wedding invitations for us, using a modified version of the image. They are equally great.

    Premier Icon scaled

    As it goes, i’m actually wearing one a Binners at this very moment.

    The dress code in this office has gone downhill somewhat lately.

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    Binners that Mont Ventoux one is fantastic, captures the eerie emptiness of the top of the mountain

    I have a couple of his works in my sitting room and the print quality is as good as he says.

    At some point i’ll be in for another purchase

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