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  • spooky_b329

    You can get 2 wheel barrows for pulling behind quads/lawnmowers, they sometimes tilt to dump stuff too 🙂

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    avoid anything one-wheeled like a BOB, go for something two wheeled and which connects close to the rear hub. There are some that connect at the seatpost but thats a really poor design.

    The Y Frame is a good buy – strong, simple and customisable. The platform is wooden so you can screw your adaptations straight on to it. The beds of the two different sizes also match standard euro size crates and boxes so its easy to stick any container you have to hand on it.

    If you are going to self build then look out the ‘Bamboo Trailer’ instructions. You don’t need to make it out of bamboo the point is you can make it out of anything rigid with the most basic tools as the design doesn’t require any bends or welds. Its also completely scaleable so you can make it fit the load you want to carry. The best thing about the bamboo project is you’re participating in something useful. The plans were originally devised to be implemented by aid and development agencies in the third world. You can get them for free on the basis that you feedback what you made, how you made it and how well it works so that the plans can be improved in the future.


    I had seen the bamboo trailer thing, as well as another one that uses the front triangle of a bike as the base, but even though I think my DIY skills are up to the task, I got “the look” from my wife when I suggested making one.

    I mean, you drill through on bit of central heating pipe, twice, and suddenly you can’t knock a bike trailer up? Tarred with some dodgy brush that. I might have to enlist my mate’s help and build something round his. Or just buy a wheelbarrow and modify that for towing.

    The Y frame looks good, but it’s just too expensive for what I had in mind, despite what is obviously a good design and quality workmanship.


    Actually, no allotment content just yet, but there soon will be thanks to the parish council getting their shizzle together and sorting some out.

    Anyway, I will need to be lugging stuff up there in the near future, tools, manure, stuff, that sort of thing and a car will be other inconvenient and a waste of time. It’s just gar too close and I would feel guilty. It’s also too far away for normal carrying though and I am not doing the long walk with a wheelbarrow no matter how cool it looks.

    I could make myself one using either plans from the internet (of which there are several) or my own ingenuity (which is currently under review by my wife after the drill/central heating pipe incident) , OR I could just buy something and modify it for use as a medium load hauler instead of, say, hauling kids.

    What should I do? Any decent brands that I should look for, or would a Halfrods one be good enough?

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