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  • phatstanley

    What percentage of nicked bikes make it back to their owners?
    Your answers in a percentage format, please.

    Mine just got nicked here in edinburgh outta the shed which was lovingly pried open with a bit of force:

    – olive green large paradox (29er) frame
    – front wheel: red hope II on a mavic tn719
    – back wheel: solid ttrack-nutted axle old xt hub on a mahoosive kris holm rim
    – 2.4 chunky monkey up front/ bronson on the back
    – red king headset, sunline bars (grey), black thomson stem (50mm)
    – red spider middlebutn ST cranks (rs7?. ring god type bash guard
    – pink superstar grips
    – white 120/20mm rebas up front
    – silver thomson seat post and ratty and stitched up brown spoon saddle
    – thumbie shifters with the SJC adapters
    – slx ders and brakes
    – no lables/decals on any of it and it was plenty dirty.

    what ya can’t see: the time i spent building it, building the wheels, riding it, appreciating it…blahblahblah.

    i’m oddly philosophical about it. just today i read out a statistic to the wife that said the greatest inequality between the haves and have-nots in the EU is right here in blighty.

    don’t make it right, but….

    if ya happen to see it…do let me know. email in profile.

    thanks fer reading this far.


    Premier Icon grtdkad

    Ten bikes stolen from three houses in Malvern on Friday night!! 10 that I know of, could be more 😕
    Rediculous – I’m sure CCTV would show blokes in van driving around in the middle of the night (Malvern’s quieter than Edinburgh)


    Seems to be a nationwide bicycle thief spree at the moment.
    Several in my town in the past week too.


    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    It would be interesting to know how bicycle theft compared with other types of property theft ie burglary not including a bike and car theft.

    Why are police not taking this seriously as it would appear that it is organised at a certain level. Also what can or should manufacturers be doing about this. As bike owners can we do more.


    well…i just spoke to da fuzz.
    apparently, some cops are coming round this arvo to talk about it, get pix etc…

    i have little hope. but that’s better than i was expecting: a few questions on the phone and a “we’ll get in touch if we find anything…”

    Read the same figure on the police site the other day so probably accurate.

    In the UK, a bicycle is stolen every minute and less than 5% of those are returned to their owners

    Premier Icon martymac

    ive had 2 stolen (at different times) in the last 30 years, got one of them back after 6 months.
    copper who returned it to me said he couldnt remember another occasion when a bike was successfully returned to the owner.


    4 bikes in 16 years or so.
    None returned.
    I make that, er… 0%


    0/9 so far. But one conviction 😀 .


    2 returned out of 5 stolen in 30yrs, totally down to luck rather than anything to do with law enforcement though

    Premier Icon weeksy

    0% for me.

    Premier Icon cookies

    O% for me too! One of mine was quite distinctive and has been spotted in Levenshulme…


    1 from 4. A neighbour did it-suspected this – and got bike at his work after he had a rather unpleasant trip accident. None via plod though


    thanks for replies thus far….

    pretty much wot i expected.

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