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  • Haze

    Bike locked up on the shop floor downstairs, no dedicated space for changing & no showers either!

    Have got a coat hanger though 😐

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Underground carpark, so the bike goes down there, locked to a sheffield stand.

    Three showers (men, women, disabled). None of them are very regularly cleaned, though.

    Nowhere to hang damp kit, so it goes in an archive box under my desk. Except today, I’ve forgotten to unpack it from my pannier which contains a damp towel. Nice.

    Yep – you have it worse than me..!


    We have a small shower and can put our bikes in a corridor but that is beginning to get a bit crowded.
    No lockers so either drape clothes and towel over bike or let them fester in my draw.
    At home time I get changed in the toilet.

    Not ideal but it could be worse


    We’ve got a cellar people used to put bikes on wet days and some stands outside. However after new carpets were put down in the office we were banned from bringing bikes inside in case they muddied the carpets – no, I don’t know why shoes are meant to be ok but tyres not either.

    We were told that a covered shelter would be built outside instead. When this was complete, it transpired it was much less secure, a plastic roof over a bolted down set of little things for putting your front wheel into, and nothing whatsoever to actually lock your bike to (the guys installing the new shelter actually spent days removing the perfectly fine steel stands that were concreted into the floor). Must have cost thousands and the situation is worse than before.

    Still, nice carpets.

    Oh we have a shower (well one for girls and one for boys). Though I’ve never needed to use it after cycling in, only after running. Nowhere for damp kit, either.


    Bikes in garage
    Shower avaialble (but I only cycle 5 miles so there’s no need)
    Cycle clothing (if I can be bothered to change) either under desk or on back of chair.
    Gloves go over the ventilation holes on both monitors.


    After no showers for 3 months over the winter I’ve got showers again 🙂

    Was a bit annoyed that they converted the old showers into new office space before doing the new ones but they have improved them. I now get my own locker, each shower has a mirror and hairdryer and heated towel rail, plus there’s an extra one for drying stuff on in the locker area. One of the showers is disabled accessible (no idea why as the building isn’t really!) but it means it’s got a seat so you can have a bit of a sit down if you’ve worn your legs out on the ride in.

    We have proper bike lockers outside, apparently they’re all ‘in use’ but I’ve yet to see any evidence of this so my bike gets locked up under one of those plastic covered shelters. Due to where the metal bar is my bike has to take up the whole shelter so I hope nobody takes them up when they introduce the cycle to work scheme.


    I have the only key to the boiler room where i put my bike. Nice hot shower’s. My server room has AC on 24/7 365 and AC is very good for drying cloths out, from swet in the summer and rain the other 360 days of the year.

    to sum up i think i have it quite lucky 😀


    I have no facilities at all, just a corner of the office for the bike, a sink and radiator in the gents for washing me and drying clothes. New building will have showers, lockers, secure storage cage etc etc.


    Looks like I’m ‘middling’, neither the worst nor the best, somes me up really 😕 I’ve got a couple of ideas of where to keep the bike warm, dry and secure, I just need some hanging space for clothes. It’s 10 miles up hill and down dale for me so do need a shower and a change!


    no shower but have a locker and get changed in the toilet. Can dry clothes winter and summer but someone complained they smell. I started complaining that everyone elses coats and brollys smelled so got a space to dry mine.
    Bike secure under stairs no one uses (concrete type )
    Good enough but could be improved main thing though bike wont get nicked.


    We’ve got dedicated showers and secure storage, but i’ve never bothered with them and just stick my bike in the office, as the bike facilities are about a 1/4 mile away from where I work.


    Ramp down to fairly secure covered parking next to the basement entrance

    Swipe card into the basement

    Changing room with showers, lockers, etc inside

    Could do with more drying rails as currently full of towels from people who cycled once 5 years ago and then never again

    And a fireman’s pole down into the basement for a speedy exit would be a laugh

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Secure underground car park with bike racks
    Changing rooms
    Drying rails


    Premier Icon kimbers

    showers and lockers, good internal bike storage but spaces severely limited and (20 for institute of 250+)
    they have just introduced bike to work, but only if you have a secure storage space already but as there is a 2 yr wait no new cyclists can actually apply for the sceme


    kimbers, that’s been well thought out, by the corporate high-flyers no doubt


    I’m curious to know what the rest of you have in the way of secure bike storage, showers, clothes locker/hanging space and changing facilities at your place of work.

    At my place, a secondary school which I started working at last September, we (me and another bloke) have just been kicked out of the 10′ x 3′ space where we kept our bikes and clean clothes, but that we also shared with the main fuse board, for ‘health and safety reasons’ which is fair enough really. However no alternative is yet forthcoming. I have to shower and change in the boy’s changing rooms as the one ‘staff shower’ in the PE office is no longer connected to the mains and is used as a storage area by the PE dep’t. Before I start having a ‘boo’ I thought I’d see how bad or good i have it compared to others. So over to you…


    Multi-storey bike rack for 200+ bikes, electronic card access, motorised gates.
    wet room with six showers, i think same in the ladies.
    drying rails.


    Retracting swimming pool and fold down palm trees reveal the down ramp to our hollowed out volcano.

    Theres no bike storage on the mono-rail which is a bit of a downer.


    I work for a world leading company in hot water generation that prides themselves on looking after their staff. We have spent millions on a huge refurbishment of our office and are currently monitoring our carbon foot print inline with EU regulations.

    So guess what? We have nothing apart from a bike shed with gates.

    And then when we do ride into work, people complain that we are getting in early to have a srip wash in the toilets.


    secure (covered shelter) bike storage with £500 insurance (£10 per year)
    no locker facilities
    no real changing facilities – other than the shower

    it’s pretty good really – i just hang my wet clothes round the office – if they don’t want them there then they better give me somewhere to put em!

    Premier Icon cuckoo

    bikes in a rusty old bike stand with space for 4 bikes.

    no showers
    no dedicated changing area
    no wash facilities
    no clothes drying facilities


    We have 700 people at our office, the Surrey based HQ of a well know but much maligned household brand

    We have 3 showers, an open but covered bike shed, which is out of sight of the main road, for about 12 bikes and about 25 lockers.

    I haven’t got a locker, we have to share them with the lunch time runners, of which there are many. But there is always a shower and somewhere to lock the bike.


    We just moved to a new building last year, I’m the only regular year round bike commuter. We have 2 bike sheds which I have the keys for and if anyone else wants to use it they get a key cut, 2 showers (only 1 at first on the 2nd floor but since I’m on the ground floor another one was installed for me, large shirt size lockers and a radiator for drying wet gear. It only works like this because I’ve been with the company 10 years so its much easier for me to get what I want as I know who to speak to. Our old building had none of the above.

    Bus mechanic.
    Shower and locker. I’ve also blagged the space between the lockers and the adjoining wall and some of the space on top of the lockers for gym kit etc.
    Secure bike parking in a secret undercover location.
    Use of the compressor and jet wash as required. Even use of the work van to visit the LBS during the day.


    Some places have locked storage sheds, showers and changing rooms but all have had shoddy lockers.

    Uni had great facilities like locked storage cages, lockers and showers.

    Latest place (a school) has limited staff shed space -10 bikes? but as above, very secure.

    Changing room which is really a shower in staff loos. No lockers whatsoever which is pretty poor.

    It’s getting better though.

    I still rate Mud Dock bike shop storage facilites in Bristol if you work in the city centre.

    Premier Icon Nick

    Got showers and somewhere to lock the bike up, found an unused cupboard and stole the key so keep clothes etc in there. Better than previous office, which had nothing at all, baby wipes in the corner (slightly larger) trap was as good as it got for four years.


    I work in a variety of buildings but where I usually work – bars you can lock the bike/wheels to in underground car park. CCTV but as we are in the countryside crime is low and my bike in insured thru the company anyway. Shower. No where to hang clothes but people are used to me hanging clothes over chairs if needed.

    At head office we have same style bars to lock the bikes to – the building overhangs these so are fairly weather resistant. Showers and lockers in the changing room for the swimming pool (honestly 🙂


    Shower with changing room & central heating room to dry wet gear. Locker for office clothes. Bike racks outside office but during the winter I used space in a portacabin if weather poor. Premises come with high fence and security gate.


    bike sheds with secure lock bars
    maintained & cleaned showers & changing room

    no lockers or anywhere to put clothes but they’re fine under my desk draped over a few boxes.



    I work for a shower company who has just joined a cycle to work scheme.
    cramped bike sheds and no showers for a wash before work…

    Premier Icon DezB

    Can’t complain really, I’ve got somewhere to hang my clothes and get changed. 1 shower which, luckily most of the stinky commuters don’t bother using, so hardly ever have to wait to use it.
    It should be the law that companies provide at least the facilities we have.


    We have a secure shed for the bike. 2 lockers each. Chaging room and showers plus i can use the hot water cloriffiers to dry my clothes if it rains.


    we have a chain? to chain bikes too… and a sink to wash your ba… freshen up in!


    Bike racks but that’s it. I have a strip wash in the disabled toilet.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    After months of me insisting on bringing my bike inside, they finally got round to building a bike shed with space for 5(!) bikes, all attached by the front wheel with no facility to actually lock them up. At least it’s out of the way and on a relatively secure site.

    One shower but only me and one other guy (who also cycles in) ever use it, I get in by 7.45am, he never arrives til 8.30 so there’s never a queue! There’s a small area I can get changed in and hang my clothes. The shower isn’t exactly the worlds best or cleanest since it’s not on the cleaners list to sort that out…

    Not perfect but better than nothing.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Junior School…

    Bike gets locked in the shelter with the kids’ ones but I have a disabled shower all to myself (cleaned every day) and my own towel rail! Lockers and radiator to dry clothes in staff toilet.

    Incidentally, showering facilities was something I asked about at interview – the other candidates thought I was bonkers!


    300 staff.

    2 wet room individual showers.
    2 covered bike racks (hold about 10 each) (1 in staff area, 1 in public)
    No-one else bikes to work as far as I can tell from the 300 staff so I get the showers all to myself 😀

    Which reminds me, I must start cycling to work again after a brief hiatus while they built the new showers.

    Premier Icon Brother_Will

    We have large covered bike parking within a secure gated car park, showers, changing rooms and lockers are also provided. The ironic thing is i only live 15mins away so mostly i use a juncker try not to ride too fast so i dont need to change.

    100 staff. Cr@p old cycle stand near the covered smoking area that takes 4 bikes. Its not bolted on to the ground and is thinner than most locks 🙁

    disabled toilet downstairs to change in.

    Theres 100+ car parking spaces but it takes an 1hr to drive 10 miles!


    1,500 people in offices
    underground cycle storage area – maybe 40 places for bikes
    12 shower rooms with sink
    130 lockers
    pretty good really, though can get a bit busy in the summer and like a f’in sauna

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