bike commuters – facilities at work

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  • bike commuters – facilities at work
  • grumm

    I can bring my bike inside our office building – no showers though.


    Work for a major hotel and restaurant brand. Get to work ,use managers accommodation which is lying dormant with full shower room, living room etc. Bike is kept in there with me having the only key. CLothes are washed and dried by chambermaids whilst i work and get fresh towels daily. Very lucky really, but the perks i suppose


    So far I’m most jealous of llama, BoardinBob, djmb4 (do you live in Holland?), GaryM, brakes, but jammiest of all has to be radoggair.

    I feel sorry for…too many to mention!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    No bike shed, just covered motorbike shelter but no locking points. Site is very secure though with security guard etc.
    No showers, despite them agreeing to put one in a year ago. Have to use a store room at the back of the lab. Could be better but then again it could be a lot worse.


    When I started riding, I had the space under the stairs in the fire escape to store my bike. There were noises about not letting us store bikes there as it may be a fire risk, but a visit from the Fire brigade put paid to that when the company were told to stop storing paper in the fire esacape as that was a far greater fire risk. No showers or facilities for clothes or anything, although a shower was promised

    8 years on, we’ve implemented Cycle2Work and the number of cyclists has shot up from 3 to around 12, which is a pretty good ratio in a company of 40-odd. We’ve appropriated an un-used ground floor meeting room and put in a couple a five bike racks, so the bikes are securely stored in a building secured by electronic key passes. In the bike room we’ve added a screen we can use to change behind, cupboards and a hanging rack for clothes, and a trackpump and a bike workstand for doing the odd job – just a couple of weeks ago I was using the workstand to teach a colleague how to service his headsat.

    Still no sign of a shower though


    Work for a small company in a small village where crime and inbreeding is rife! I keep my C2W bike in the downstairs office that is used for storing samples The only access to downstairs is either through one of two coded doors or through my office door so its relatively secure. No showers but I’m the first one in so I just strip in the loo and have a wash down then dry myself with paper towels. Wet clothes get hung over a plastic pallet in the same office as my bike in front of a storage heater.

    Over all its not too bad but I would like them to convert one of the loo’s into a shower.

    FWIW I only commute in a couple of times a week and bring clothes with me on a Monday for the weeks wearing.


    swipecard entry.
    Large open fronted shed in front of security, not the best lock point positioning but they are not going to move.
    showers (with towels and shower gel).
    Big personal lockers in a big changing room.
    All cleaned everyday.

    1 other person in my department uses the facilities sometimes, although we are 15 hilly miles or so from any major town.

    Kinda blessed really, but it’s a side effect of working at a primary chemical plant.

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    I dont have it too bad I guess there is a shower but my commute is only small so dont need it plus it is in a completely different building on the site so not very convenient. No changing rooms so have to get changed in the toilet. We have a bike shed but not great for locking bikes to and come the summer gets full up with motorbikes. Luckily I get in early so no problems getting a space


    Well no storage facilities
    So commuter is lock around a pole of the entrance of the building (It’s ok though as I am at Uni). When I ride the real bike in to chunk a ride for lunch I keep the bike with me in the lab/computer room.

    In terms of shower there is 3 shower in the building. I managed to get mine refurbish (installing a shower curtain, get a new shower head and a coat hanger on the shower door).

    Strangely working as an academic and thus being a member of the “intellectual” society mean I am the only one cycling to work.

    When I was at Uni in Soton, shower/bike storage and all was great.


    Saccades working at sandwich by any chances?

    Premier Icon miketually

    A sixth form college with 170 staff and 1800 students.

    There are about 18 sheffield stands, which are uncovered but sheltered by a big wall and have CCTV coverage. They’re out of sight of any casual bypassers.

    Unfortunately, my bike is rather long so it only fits at one end.

    Here it is today, it extends behind the bushes on the left:

    There are two staff showers down in the PE department, but I only ride 3 miles to work so don’t bother. If I do get wet on the way in, I just get changed in the office, but will probably have to start using the disabled loos when a female member of staff joins us in August.


    juan – Member
    Saccades working at sandwich by any chances?

    I don’t work for pfizer (their interviews are daft), although used to work just along the coast. I’m now based in ireland – much better.


    In a staff of about 8 there is one every day rider and me, who rides as the whim takes me. A dozen or so sheds with solid things to lock to if inclined to down a 3 mile dead-end . Two walk in drying rooms, locker room, couple of showers if holiday groups aren’t in (but no point washing with a day of chainsaw graft ahead)

    fairly well catered for, just no staff only shower
    plus a whole workshop of bike butchery available and a hose/jet wash


    I think there are some sheffield stands. Not trusting my bike to them though. I bring it into the office.
    Shower – well, one of those cold water emergency ones in the lab nearby in case someone spills polonium on themselves. Usually it’s a babywipe and savlon extravaganza. Nowhere to dry kit – just put the wet stuff on again at the end of the day. HTFU etc.


    Think I’m fairly lucky – I teach in an 11-18 school, and can use the PE staff shower in the morning, store the bike and clothes in a locked room (our spare wood/metal/uncollected Technology projects store) and generally have a decent setup. Sadly, the school are being very poor at sorting bike storeage for kids so they can’t ride to school.


    Where I used to work we had lockers, showers and a secure bike rack. I now have lockers showers and secure bike rack. Both were manufacturing companies where people worked shifts so this stuff was provided for them. I don’t do the real work 😉 but can use the facilities.


    bikes go in a rack in the secure underground car park – can only lock onto the rack it’s self which doesn’t look that secure but the carpark its self is very secure. have showers in the disabled loo’s (2 of them) and they have a seat, sink, mirror and nice towels provided which is a bit of a bonus. nowhere for kit that wont interfere with my colleagues tho, if its wet, then outer wear gets hung on the bike and shorts and tee’s go in an archive box.
    could be worse i suppose


    I work in a warehouse of a big internet shopping company and we have nothing at all,no showers ,no changing rooms nothing!!bloody crap it is

    Secure underground car park with CCTV and bike rack with D locks supplied. Dedicated changing room with showers and lockers.

    Also nice 3 mile commute along the coast on a dedicated cycle path all the way into the office 😀

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Covered bike sheds, 8 foot perimeter wall and ex-forces security guards at the gates takes care of security – I use my cheapest lock at work 🙂

    We have a shower – though I use the baby wipes method. There are two spare lockers but no locks for them. No drying room but lots of radiators.

    What we don’t have is a bike to work, which is a bit odd given that if HMRC can’t organise the scheme, it’s amazing everyone else does!


    I’m a car mechanic, no showers, no changing room, clothes hang off the back off my tool box to dry. Bike gets put anywhere there’s space.
    Usualy get changed where I work, expose it all no modesty. Mister ben got it easy( if some of you can remember him)


    Work on a MoD site so we have armed gaurds, secure covered bike storage – although mine sits behind my desk, everyone on site has access to changing facilities and there are several shower blocks on site including those at the sports pavillion. I manage the standards labortory which has to be AC’d to 20+/- 2degC, so all wet clothing goes in the corner of the lab.

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