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  • Big tubeless 29er slicks
  • Premier Icon legometeorology
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    I’m looking for something like a Schwalbe G-One Speed or Allround* in 2-2.2″ x 29″, fairly tough but not too heavy, like Maxxis Exo kind of thing.

    I’ve looked around a fair bit and have found the new Gravelking’s or WTB Venture. Anything else out there?

    I wonder if there are some big street or urban tyres that’d do, like a Maxxis Torch. Not officially tubeless though.

    *I realise the Schwalbe’s are actually both available in this size, but the weight is a measilly 500g, so I can’t imagine they’re anything but fragile or crazy fast to wear out.

    Premier Icon Dickyboy
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    I’ve used 29 x 2.3 Vittoria Tattoo Light tyres no problem as tubeless, no good for flint strewn byways though 😕

    Premier Icon jameso
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    I have G-Ones in a couple of sizes, 650×50 and 622x 60 I think. Ride on Chilterns flint and on roads locally that are pretty bad. They do show wear fairly fast but they’re not fragile ime, I’ve only cut one properly/recently on a chunk of glass and I’ve worn a set down, to the carcass on the back (~6000-7000 miles) before putting the current pair on. Really fast, comfy tyres though. WTBs Byways have more rubber thickness on the tread, last forever and are tougher in that area but the sidewalls are more fragile.

    Premier Icon andy5390
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    I have Schwalbe Big Apples in 29×2.35 for road/ex commute use

    Some here

    Premier Icon CraigW
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    Schwalbe Marathon Almotion? Should be pretty sturdy, not lightweight. They are available in tubeless version for 2.00″ or 2.15″.
    Or Schwalbe Marathon Supreme are nice for a lighter, slicker tyre. But only the thinner options are tubeless.

    Premier Icon mariner
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    +1 for Big Apples 29×2.35.
    Last winter was very dry where I am and used them right through.
    They got sold with the bike and new build is using G-One.

    Premier Icon martymac
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    I use big apples too, 29×2.35 folding.
    Great tyre, really nice ride.

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    Have done rocky black grade trail centre routes on 29*2.3″ g-one speeds set up tubeless without wrecking them. Very fast on tarmac and, evidently, take more abuse than you’d expect

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    After dismissing my G-One Speeds Evo (with tubes) due to early wear and punctures ~2 years ago, I used them again for a month or so without any issues.

    Premier Icon legometeorology
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    Thanks for the input 🙂

    I can’t see a folding option on the Big Apples anymore though?

    Premier Icon isoo
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    Vittoria Terreno XC?

    Premier Icon craig5
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    Maxis Grifter in  2.5″? They are not officially tubeless, But I’ve had mine set up tubeless for ages on some Raceface Affect wheels with stans race. They don’t loose air, will monster truck anything if the gradient is with you. Hard work pushing up hill mind.

    Premier Icon legometeorology
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    Looking through this in less of a rush:

    Thanks Jameso, good feedback. Sounds like a G-one on the front at least could be good, and on the back if accept high wear.

    I wish WTB would add something to the sidewalls: at the moment they seem to have a load of tyres that are heavy for their size and still fragile. Will last ages but only if they don’t tear.

    Same for those Terreno’s unfortunately. Vittoria don’t seem to do them in TNT casing, only the non-reinforced TLR thing.

    I actually have some Vittoria Barro Race laying around, which are semi-slick and skinny, but I’m not sure they roll that fast…

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