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  • Premier Icon mattbee

    We absolutely loved it. Mid pack racing, crashing, drinking and some great bands.
    There with some great mates and people met at previous BBB.
    Extra day was a great addition, made it seem like a proper weekend event.
    Both Xc courses were brilliant, perfect for racing with twiddly bits and good overtaking opportunities. Only one puddle too!
    Lots of different beers made it seem like a proper beer festival too.
    The marshals were brilliant and my wife can’t thank them enough for helping her out after her superman style stack in the night Xc race.
    Niggles/constructive feedback?
    With the extra time the events could be spread a little more allowing for the chance to see or do more. The stuff at the gravity track seemed a little less organised (if that’s possible!) but maybe that’s just because its so far away from the main arena. Maybe stick all the events there one after another one morning or afternoon and haul some of the pa kit up there?
    Food was good but although there were several options overall there was one or the other open at different times, so choice was limited. Felt sorry for the pizza people, maybe they need an extra oven next year!
    Apart from that it was amazing, and they are pretty small moans.
    Will be booking for next year without a doubt.

    Loved it as always but the extra day made it for me, more time for drinking which is never a bad thing. The nipper loved it and I even came away with a prize this year.


    Another brilliant BBB for family P again this year!
    Like always we opt for (some) luxury with one of the lodges – the wife wouldn’t come along otherwise..

    Racing was a laff as always – my effort to reduce the seriousness of the whippet race wasn’t as ‘exposing’ as last year, but was there…
    The hill climb was my favourite event of the weekend though – brilliant short course fun…UP A DUAL TRACK! Ore-sum!

    Big thanks to Rob the Brewer for some fantastic ciders again this year, and for acting as the annual ‘fodder for DrP’s heckles, horns, and bell rings’ on the night race….!

    Will post some pics when I get round to uploading them…


    Another great weekend from the BBB crew …thanks guys …..oh and DrP is a ruthless competitor …..


    So ruthless I’ve devised the ultimate mid-race-hydration-tactic…


    Premier Icon Clink

    Yep – another cracker of a BBB! Hill climb was brill – crowd were going mental at the top. Some good bands this year – and not so good ‘dancing’ by us 😆


    Thanks all off here for coming and supporting the charity, got another few days tidying up and working out the figures – will post when we know. Great bunch of volunteers make it happen, seeing the sea of green t-shirts going bonkers to that all girl covers band was a real highlight,

    Yeah “it not a mosh pit it’s pogo-ing”

    Yep the uphill gravity track was bostin and was more than happy with second place, in fact that’s my first time on the podium at the BBB. Could do with more cider IMO.

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    seeing the sea of green t-shirts going bonkers to that all girl covers band was a real highlight,

    Vendetta were great – get them back next year!

    Yeah …but get some dance lessons for next year though eh Clink 😆

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    I think I’m beyond lessons 😯

    Looked like you were being electrocuted ….

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    Premier Icon DezB

    Absolutely brilliant weekend with the DrP’s and all the other BBBers. Lots of new faces this year.
    Bunch of pics to upload once I’ve had a good night’s kip…including me… me? on the top of the podium?! 😀

    Premier Icon DezB

    Few pics from the top weekend

    WCA doing his official BBB duty

    DezB jr. Winning

    DrP winning the hillclimb

    Big blokes on little bikes

    Back flip


    Rest here

    Premier Icon JasonDS

    Brilliant as always. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great weekend.


    Out highlight this year was sitting around our fire pit for a few shandies in the evening and having a seriously drunk man called Matt (I think he’s the one up above limboing on the blue Islabike) almost fall headfirst into it. He sat down to join us for a few more sherberts and was an absolute legend until his responsible adult came to collect him.

    Premier Icon Clink

    He almost knocked me over on his way to the bar – I think the slight downhill gradient and trying to avoid a chicane of bikes on the floor didn’t help!! Very friendly chap. 😀


    Great weekend, the family loved it, open xc, gravity (chained) (could have been a contender 😉 ) and a lake jump (which my daugter informed me was rubbish 😆 )
    We’ll be back next year 😀

    Cheers Nick, Robin, Matt and the rest of the team (sorry terrible with names)
    Good to put faces to names as well 😀

    Who was it on the Tallboy carbon in the xc open too? 😆


    My 3rd one, the whole family had a brilliant weekend and now the kids are older they get to ride more and I get to drink more 😉
    My boy Max got a prize for not stopping riding after the pyjama race – WCA’s official gun and private race plate – so thanks Nick.
    I got soaked in the garden when we got home last night and he was so pleased to get up on stage and receive a prize! He has been telling his friends this morning he won the Big Bike Bash!
    We also brought some friends for their first BBB who also loved it.
    Great fun and hopefully we will be back again next year.


    Nice pics Dez – proud podium for you!!

    For all those interested, I’ve popped up a Strava segment of the XC lap, if anyone had GPS running..
    Linky to strava segment



    Does anyone know if there was an official photographer there? I know that Maya Fiddler has done it for the last couple of years but I didn’t see her there this time and there’s nothing on her website.


    As always, the whole family loved it !

    Massive thanks you to everyone who puts so much effort into organising & sponsoring it, and all those that partook in the fun. Its the small “Village fete” feel and general feeling of friendliness & trust that makes this event SPECIAL.

    Keep it little, keep it hectic, we all love it.

    …. Only trouble is now, my lil un (Charlie “Lake Jump Kicker” Smith) wants to beat everyone in the races, and he want’s a proper kids night race too ?

    Nick (WCA) as always your a true superstar, and a genuinely VERY nice bloke, without you and your (possibly alcohol induced lol) attitude the event wouldn’t be the same – your a legend 🙂

    We will be back next year…


    DezB, was that you showing that sideburns beat a beard or a ‘tache in the facial hair top trumps?

    Premier Icon

    First time at the Big Bike Bash and had a great time. Well done to the all the UK Youth organisers.
    I’ve uploaded tons of photos to



    A great event, fantastic festival vibe, excellent organisation, it’s in its prime.

    I had the flat green Cove 69er & don’t say much to anyone, the wife is the one who gets louder as her alcohol intake increases, she spoke with you Nick and you asked for feedback: Only comment was we thought the prize giving went on for a long time and (maybe) could have been part of each evenings entertainment.

    In respect of the event size / sponsorship thing, I think its a real tricky one. I really think that these are the prime years of the event and will define its appeal. Sure sponsers want to maximise their commercial gain but big doesn’t mean I’ll remember your brand or buy into it. I went to this years Mountain Mayhem as a spectator and to be honest, compared to BBB it was flat, no vibe, a pretty desolate arena, and we didn’t hang around their long and I’ll still use CRC over Wiggle. Conversely if you cap the entries, the folk who make the event may not get to attend. I think your guiding it in the right direction, keep to the original ethos, evolve, but don’t sell out.

    Oh, and did I say TRAIL DUST!!!! A whole weekends worth, I’d pay £100 just for that!


    PS: Jo Jo & three siblings are all boys NOT girls.

    Thanks for all the love!

    Just finished clearing up, tomorrow I’m having a day off, Thursday I go home, Friday I start next years bash!

    We will try to get a little bit better each year 🙂

    Oh, and most importantly UK youth now have loads of money! I don’t know how much yet, as there’s a lot to count!

    Thank you 🙂

    Max did win the BBB. Fact. I said keep going until you are too tired to ride. He did. That is why the prizes he got were my personal possesions rather than simply sponsors prizes.

    Gunz – Official Photos – Yes we did have an official photographer, Tom, who ended up with somewhere around 15,000 pictures. We also had a videographer. Please can everyone post up links to pics here too. I will post up the official photo / video link when I sober up and they have had a chance to sort them. There is tak of an exclusive BBB short film / video project.

    I like the idea of prize giving each evening to make them shorter and punchier but they are also a bitch to organise with all the different competitions so I wont promise anything.

    Food comments are noted too. I have had a few comments on that so please watch this space.

    Getting larger? NO!
    Getting better? Hell Yeah!

    Cider …..can you get Ashley to email me …I have that link for him

    Premier Icon Clink

    As ever a fabulous weekend. Events were great, hill climb a brilliant new addition (wouldn’t say I ‘enjoyed ‘it but crowd were superb!). If possible even more relaxed and friendly vide this year.

    If you are after feedback for improvements I really wish AT would improve the shower/toilet block. Cold showers all weekend, no hot water in pot cleaning area and not cleaned often enough for volume of campers. There may have been more showers but I must have missed them? The campsite itself is great location, but it’s the worst toilet block I have experienced in a long time.

    Premier Icon hudders

    There is a new shower block just passed reception, it is unisex with 3 showers 2 toilets and 2 sinks, only finished one week ago, however they are saving for a big shower block to go down the bottom by the lake, it will be a Eco build so its going to cost a bomb, however they are getting there so here’s hoping its not to long to go.

    The BBB is helping fund the block by e lake by the way. Spending your money to make your Big Bike Bash better and helping lots of others as a by product.

    Premier Icon Clink

    Fab news! Missed the new one. 😳


    yes , it was good again .

    discovered new showers on the sunday .

    the prize giving was very long indeed , especially for the kids . a lot of people seem to have gone half way through it .

    it s great to have so many things to give away , so maybe have a smaller , cheaper raffle every day ?


    and thanks Paul for the pictures .

    I had fun . I brought alot of beer , I sold alot of beer , and I drank quite alot of beer.
    Did the 2 lap xc race , and stopped for a quick half on each lap . Then did the night race with my nemisis DrP. If you heard 2 fools shouting their way round and generaly making a nuisance of themselves it was probably us . Sorry .

    Things I have learnt .-
    Riding 13 miles in 13 weeks makes you fat(ter) and slow (er) than you were last year .
    People who can neck pints really fast arent generally that quick on a mtb bike.
    Small children ignore me and Im not very good at looking after them.
    2000pints was a few too many, a great choice but need some darker beers next year
    I still cant pump or jump for toffee

    Oh and PP I no longer have a creaky saddle , cheers.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the beer tent, the entertainment and the ‘racing’ on offer

    Rob the Beer – MrsWCA and DaughterWCA both think you are lovely.



    Have you worded out who won the fork/shock service yet? 😉

    Great event, big thanks to everyone that made it possible. Lovely safe environment for children and great fun. I was impressed with the XC course considering the elevation available it was brilliant. Also think the commentators did a brilliant job, as good as any event and they kept going for three days!

    Looking forward to next year already.

    Premier Icon DezB

    BBB in a nutshell:

    Oh, and good wishes have to go to the fella who smashed his face up racing DrP on the Sunday (in an event which strangely turned out to not have an award in the final ceremony!) Speedy recovery mate. Phil? I thnk that was his name.

    Bloke who smashed his face up is okay, just a broken cheek and lower ocular (eye socket). He was back at the camp site on Monday so I had a quick chat. He plans to be back next year with the shines frame he won built up.

    Premier Icon Clink

    Link to the official pics?

    Give the guy a chance – he took over 15,000 and is doing it as a favour so was unpaid for the whole weekend, as was the videographer. Both top blokes.

    I will chase him up today to see what is planned and by when. Just got to finish my pint of lunch

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    😯 whoah!

    Enjoy your pint!

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