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  • Big Bike Bash. How was it for you.?
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    BBB in a nutshell:

    Oh, and good wishes have to go to the fella who smashed his face up racing DrP on the Sunday (in an event which strangely turned out to not have an award in the final ceremony!) Speedy recovery mate. Phil? I thnk that was his name.

    Bloke who smashed his face up is okay, just a broken cheek and lower ocular (eye socket). He was back at the camp site on Monday so I had a quick chat. He plans to be back next year with the shines frame he won built up.

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    Link to the official pics?

    Give the guy a chance – he took over 15,000 and is doing it as a favour so was unpaid for the whole weekend, as was the videographer. Both top blokes.

    I will chase him up today to see what is planned and by when. Just got to finish my pint of lunch

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    😯 whoah!

    Enjoy your pint!

    Just got to finish my pint of lunch

    I’ve still got 2 more pints of lunch left in the fridge, which I will enjoy for my tea. Buuuuurp! 😀

    Nick- i overheard talk of 3000 pints consumed this weekend. Does this mean that apart from yours, they sold 2950 to the rest of the BBB?

    Nick had more than 50 pints 😉

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    Nick had more than 50 pints

    And that was just during the prize-giving! 😆


    Me and Ciderinsport had 5 each during the prize giving they where much needed as trying to find all the prizes was a nightmare !

    We had an AMAZING time. Kids will never forget it and think we are the best parents for taking them (priceless!). This was our second time and our 4 year old (Oliver) decided to do the lake jump! As he has (had?!) a fear of water we naturally thought he would chicken out. The little hooligan actually did it and won’t stop talking about it! Mum and Dad were too frightened to watch and missed the perfect photo / video opportunity (if anyone has any they could share with us it would be much appreciated – he was the blondie with red and yellow shorts on). Excellent organisation – clearly a lot of planning / effort goes into something that comes across as so effortless / relaxed / not overly Health and Safety obsessed etc – credit to the organisers and volunteers for a truly excellent event. Had to leave before the lake jump prize giving which was a shame as ‘Lake Jump Boy’ as we have now been instructed to call him hoped to get on stage too – but our middle daughter did get onto the podium 3 times and has not stopped grinning since. Can’t wait until next year!

    This one?

    Big Bike Bash 2013 492

    There will be more pictures including the officiqal ones which should be available in about a fortnight (16,000 to edit apparently)

    Thx WCA – that’s him – aaaaaaah!

    There are undoubtedly more out there. That was a link on page one of this thread from so I am sure you can contact him if you want to get a proper copy.

    The official ones will be out in a couple of weeks. Our current thinking is that you will be able to down load them and then make whatever donation you think is suitable to UK Youth via a link. The photographer Tom has confirmed that he wants to be paid nothing, just the chance to do it again next year.

    I hope she enjoyed the weekend even though she couldn’t be the coffee assistant this year.

    She loved it as always but it goes far too quick.

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    to “willbutnoskill” re ‘That was a link on page one of this thread from so I am sure you can contact him if you want to get a proper copy.’
    I uploaded the full resolution images to Flickr so you should be able to download as good a ‘proper copy’ as there is from there.
    I know the feeling of missing the key photo – my six year old did the jump but I missed taking that shot!!
    Did get him on the GoPro though
    so if anyone has a good shot of him (blue helmet, dark hair, white and blue top, black lycra shorts) it would be much appreciated. Hopefully he’ll be in the official photos.

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    I think this is probably your boy:


    2014 tickets!

    Yes, they should have been on sale Tuesday, but like all good things BBB related, we have a technical issue stopping us going live!

    Keep checking your emails, you will get a notification as soon as we sort it 🙂



    Can we book another stand (next to the bouncy castle again please, by the childrens’ request) Cheers 😀

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    A 14 year olds blog from the weekend on xcracer!!
    Thanks again for a brilliant weekend for all the family and hopefully loads of money raised!

    Fantastic 🙂

    Thanks Evie!

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    Is e-mail correct? Just tried to send and rejected?

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    Ignore that – just gone! 😳


    Any more news on the official pictures or video ?

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