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  • Bibshorts, what brand?
  • Most ridden is a pair of Endura MT500 bibs – had them 5 wears, worn weekly and still as good as new.

    5 wears? They must be good! 😉


    Got dhb, Gore and Giordana bib shorts. dhb stitching is coming undone and pad is a little thin. Would recommend both Gore (done several 100 milers in them) and the Giordana (more road bike orientated).

    Anyone know if the Howies ones are UK made, or shipped in from the far east?

    Believe they’re shipped in, but it may be from mainland Europe.

    Edit: Portugal on their website.


    Exteondo ones from Merlin

    Most recent shorts I’ve bought. Very impressed with the pad and overall fit and feel.

    Would recommend both Gore (done several 100 milers in them) and the Giordana (more road bike orientated).

    My 3/4’s are Giordana FRC and they are blooming lovely. So comfy and a nice compressive fit. Shame no-one seems to have much stock of Giordana lately

    Having had Assos for a while and despite them being nice not being entirely convinced they were worth the money, I would really recommend Giordana FRC and Exteondo Ohri

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    I agree, 10/10 from me

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    Thread closed.

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    Damn looks like the Howies bibs are out of stock everywhere! 🙄

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    The Howies shorts are good – but I found that they had their limit for comfort and distance. I suspect that they may have been a tad too small/short for me and I sold them a couple of weeks ago.

    I was recommended the Endura FS260-Pro Bibshort II and have been very impressed; seems they’ve worked on their quality control – I was dubious as I’ve had ‘experience’ of Endura over the years..!

    However I bought some Castelli Free Aero bibshorts a few months ago; they were seriously reduced as they were ‘Tour of Dubai’ bibs. I simply cannot describe just how comfortable they are; I could only say it’s like being unaware you are actually wearing them if that makes sense! Screw the naysayers/rules about not wearing pro kit – I’ll happily do so if it makes it the same price as ‘normal’ kit!!!

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