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  • Best Single Speed Brompton?
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    Our work is finally getting involved in the Cycle Scheme, and I have a perfectly good commuter (Pompetamine Alfine, with racks and guards).

    My problem is having to visit several different offices – all within 3 or 4 miles of each other. It’s a pain using the main bike, as I don’t want to keep changing shoes etc.

    Thinking I’d get a Brompton to leave in the main office…and want it to be as low maintenance as possible.

    I have had a look round the net, but can’t really understand the Brompton website. Anyone know the best specced Brompton for under £1k?


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    I been looking at bromptons a bit too, basically there is one frame.
    Each model has a three letter acronym, first says what style of handle bars, 2nd is number of gears (1,2,3 or 6) then the final one is whether you have no mudguards, mudguards or rear rack. Then there is the range of colours, lights and luggage fitments you can add on the brompton site.
    Bike shops tend to have a few models for example evans only has one single speed model the m1e (high rise bars, singlespeed, no racks). Brompton themselves don’t do cycel2work so you’d have to go through a shop.

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    S2LX is the sweet spot. With gear reduction to get a top gear of about 70″ and front luggage block. The bike will be a lot lighter without the rack and three speed hub. The titanium frame is optional, of course. The two speed rear derailleur is excellent in my experience.

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    Yep, 2-speed is so simple and light it’s worth having over a singlespeed IMO. Standard gearing is like having a SS but with a bail-out lower gear to use for bigger hills.

    Bars are personal preference – if you’re used to a road bike you’ll probably like the lower S bars. Try them out the M bars though (and H if you’re tall). P bars are for weirdos.

    Boggo S2L is £890 (!) now, you won’t get a lighter X within budget. Upgrade the tyres to Marathons for £10. Go for the extended seatpost if you’re tall (free swap). Get the firm suspension unless you’re very light (free swap). That leaves £100 for either lights or luggage.

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    another s2L owner here. v simple, v light.

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