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  • best online artist paint supplier?
  • need some acrylics for a project or two…



    SAA is a fair shout. Think you need to be a member to get the cheaper prices, which are roughly comparable to Cass Art.

    Sometimes Jacksons have good deals. If spending over 30-40 quids a look at artdiscount as potential savings are made with free-postage, dependent on spend. Whst do you need, student or artist quality? A starter set or particular pigments?? I just shop around for the best savings/prices on whst I need at the time I’m looking to buy paints, they all seem much the same as far as online retailers go.

    Some savings <ahref=””>currently hereon Cryla which I recommend. They seem at least as good as W&N Professional. Unless you need heavy body, then Liquitex, Golden …

    And Liquitex Heavy Body 59ml tubes currently half-price at artdiscount

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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