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  • Best films of this year?
  • Premier Icon dthom3uk

    Argo, Rush, Into Darkness and The World’s End.


    when you see the quality of TV series such as Breaking bad, good movies are hard to find these days. Rust and Bone was the one I enjoyed the most this year, with Django.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Gunna watch Django in a bit.. as much as I enjoyed some of Tarantino’s films, he seemingly lives off his success and produce mediocre stuff the majority of the time (IMO)

    But when he gets it right he gets it very right, it’s a very good film some fantastic dialogue, great acting and brilliant action but tied in with showing just how horrible slavery was.


    For me Django, Blue Jasmine and Place Beyond the Pines. Enjoyed Star Trek
    Side Effects was good

    Disappointed by the worlds end and only god forgives

    Been a bit slack this year though, a lot will have to wait till blu ray/ DVD/ streaming release

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Trance was quite good.


    Good Vibrations
    Robot and Frank

    Premier Icon DezB

    Django Unchained. Actually, the only thing I’ve seen at the cinema this year! (Oh, apart from some rubbishy kid’s fantasy film thing)

    World War Z was better than I expected.


    Liked Argo, Rush and Place Beyond the Pines. Saw Sightseers yesterday and that has to be the best carvanning serial killer movie i’ve seen this year.

    Not eaten KFC since watching Killer Joe though!!


    Place Beyond the Pines – its a film that will stay in my mind a while. good film.

    Argo – again liked it lots.

    On the whole not been that bowled over by many films this year but quite keen to see Filth

    EDIT: Django was ok, but not exceptional. Into darkness was predictable but fun. Trance was also ok, but a bit surreal for my brain.

    Premier Icon Mark

    +1 Robot and Frank


    I enjoyed Upstream Colour, from the guy who made Primer.

    And also Ain’t them bodies saints – it does a better job of being a Terrence Malick film than any of Malick’s recent efforts.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Haven’t seen many this year, but enjoyed Bernie

Viewing 12 posts - 41 through 52 (of 52 total)

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