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  • Best charity shop find
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    charity shop finds is go to them in affluent areas.

    Sort of true but they DO price according to the affluence of the area, in Newcastle avoid Jesmond as the prices are just STUPID, Gosforth is good though.

    Best areas are the depressed ones like North & South Shields, Blyth & Byker. Found a Fox prototype bamboo riding top in South Shields… would love to find how it got there! Have found x4 VW/Trek riding tops (£2.50 ea), nice pair of “PROPER” etnies in Whitley Bay and some Animal hoodie/fleeces too.

    Girlfriend & I do a charity shop trawl at least once every 2 weeks on days off.

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    Jock, Fox Europe are based in Gateshead. Might help explain it a bit!

    Premier Icon bland
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    Oxfam in Cheltenham had a decent deal on coins, 5 Euro for £3.50, and $10 for £6 the other day!

    I actually prefer shopping in charidy shops over high street stores. You actually get choice and an element of surprise which has been wholly removed from high street shopping these days.

    Had more bargains from car boot sales than charity shops though i reckon!

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    Brand new howies jeans for a fiver.

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    what are “PROPER” etnies?

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    Aberdeen – the place to go for nearly new foul weather gear. There’s a K2/Burton Clicker snowboard outfit in Shelter for 20 quid, size 8 though.

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    I got a Mego King Arthur figure in it original box for 50p. Sold it for £50.
    Also found the Eye of War photography book, I think I paid £1. Opened it up to find it signed by Don McCullin and Phillip Jones Griffith. I won’t be getting rid of that in a hurry.

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    Do those who turn profits donate some back to the charity shop? Seems a bit unethical otherwise to me… just sayin like 😉

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