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  • Canon 650D or Dikon D5200
  • organic355

    Sorry if been done before but I cant make my mind up between these two as its my 1st DSLR, so dont have any lenses.

    All reviews seems to say there isnt much in it and it really comes down to:

    Canon has touch screen LCD, good for setting focus points, Faster Auto Focus but only 9 points and only 18MP
    Nikon is 24MP and more autofocus points (39)

    Nothing in in on size/weight etc.

    I was looking at the Canon 60D, which was due to be replaced soon bythe 70D but fed up of waiting, so sensible option is to start near the bottom I think.

    Premier Icon robbo

    It’s probably faster autofocus because there are fewer focus points. 24mp will eat more hard disk space and I think is overkill. The Canon is on my list. Just deciding on model.


    isn’t a Dikon the person behind the camera that pisshes other people off?


    Ha! Didn’t even notice that typo! Not intentional! 🙂

    Premier Icon cp

    Real world differences are sod all – if you can, try them both in a camera shop, and go with the one that feels better to you.

    Number of AF points isn’t really a real world factor- just select one, focus and recompose…

    you’ll not be dissapointed with either.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I’m about to contradict myself, sort of

    The sensor in the Nikon is way better.

    Working from RAW files i could get masses more out of a D5200 file

    But that is probably not the best way to choose

    But IMHO the d5200 is a bad buy at the mo. All new cameras are always over priced

    My money would probably go here

    Or some other older body to get money into a better lens. I think 18-55 kit lenses are quite disapointing. The D90 has better lens compatability in that it will drive old lenses with out motors. Its probably better handling as well. Also notice that the sensor in this ancient Nikon is still better than Canons latest!


    Both good cameras
    Look at the metering system also frames per second if doing sports
    also the feel of the camera and ease of use with the Menu system
    Also adjustable LCD screen for low or angle shots that you can get
    behind the viewfinder.

    Then get a deal

    Premier Icon trailertrash

    I recently went through the same process and actually ended up with a d90 with the 18-105 dx kit lens. I couldn’t be happier. I particularly like the handling of the camera and the image quality is outstanding. The canons felt a bit cheap and flimsy by comparison. I challenge any non pro user to see a real world quality difference in the sensors. Downsides on the d90? I think the control layout and options on the d7000 are better but really I can’t fault it.

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