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    Wwaswas -I dunno, if I think it’s another “what’s the best bumbag for the dark peak?” type thread that has been answered before or I can’t add anything to, or won’t gain anything from I won’t read it.

    But it does happen though, I’ve just googled how often but can’t find the answer. I think the op was bemoaning the few folk who don’t seem willing to share their experience because theere may have already been a few similar threads?


    Rather than just sending people off to Google willy-nilly, and certainly if the in-built search isn’t much cop.

    Then suggest they go to google, and in the search box enter:

    For instance:

    site: winter tyres for maximum gnar

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    @ MussEd: I guess, maybe 🙂

    products change/improve the answer from 6-8 months ago is probably out of date with current views

    Really? So superstar nanos, Five Ten shoes, Nukeproof Mega, Transition Covert are all woefully outdated and no longer recommendable? 🙄

    unless by “views” you mean “fashion”?

    How about if you see a thread that you feel May (check my IT skills – italics!) have been raised before, ignore it, don’t read it, move on to something else that does interest you. That’s what I do…

    1) having been here a while that means more moving on for less novel content (it was nicknamed signal/noise ratio back when accessing the internet took money and time).
    2) my reply actually helps the OP, arguably moreso than any other singular response, by linking to multiple other responses to the same question. The sarcasm is thrown in for free.

    People replying ‘Google it’ or ‘use the search function’ simply aren’t contributing to the thread

    yes they are. See (2) above. I’ve previously posted my opinion on, say, flat pedals, and merely point the OP in the direction of mine and many other users previous posts. The number of “new” contributors opinions missed by only using the search function is vastly outnumbered by those missed by not using it.

    I agree its a forum but it is also a effectively a database; with 1.8 million posts in the “bike” section alone, why on earth would you NOT use the search function to gather as much information as possible? Its like asking a librarian what they know about something and ignoring the bloody great room full of books behind them…


    I really don’t care if a question has been asked before. I ignore it and move on. The internet and userbase of this forum is vast enough to ensure there will always be someone who hasn’t seen the question before and may offer up new advice from outside the STW. This would be impossible if the question was off limits.
    People replying ‘Google it’ or ‘use the search function’ simply aren’t contributing to the thread. I question the apparent self-importance users exhibit when they feel the need to vocalise nothing.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    We need some nice FAQ’s and answers all nicely indexed:

    – What tyres for….
    – what gear ratios for a 29er
    – are 29ers good / bad or indifferent?
    – what wheels for…?
    – my bike creaks what should I check…?
    – is Lance a cheat or a top bloke?
    – what light strong cheap wheels shoulda buy?
    – Company x,y,z is not very good and I want something or free or to make them all unemployed and have their corpses burn for all eternity in hell because they did not deliver something the day before I ordered it!
    – I have a new bike please be nice about it.
    – I need advice on courier ing stuff!



    Wooooah there, this is all getting a bit Nelly Negative.

    Being a relative newbie, I’ve found the forums to be a fantastic help. Personally, I google the living shizzle out of a topic, get information over-load and then come here for clarification / user expertise.

    Now, where can I get one of those Kona jerseys for £15….

    Premier Icon MussEd

    Crashtestmonkey – are you a) the actual inventor of the Internet and those Charlatans Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailleu nicked all the credit? b) a self-employed IT contractor with a massive comic book collection and too much time on your hands c) as objectionable a person in real life as I think you might be, or d) all of the above?


    i agreed with the OP, then I read the pannier thread.

    I question the apparent self-importance users exhibit when they feel the need to vocalise nothing.

    At least we took time to give helpful advice. 99.99999% of users were completely unhelpful.

    BTW. search function turns up about 2,690 results.


    aracer – Member

    LOL at new user creating a thread to complain about being told to google it when he didn’t get the answer he wanted.
    This +1000!

    Premier Icon MussEd

    Well I finally got round to reading the thread that inspired this one, and whilst I am still of the same opinion about the “google it” brigade, the OP did misbehave somewhat over there…

    And if his name is some attempt at hiding a troll in French there is no ‘i’ or ‘e’ in pont and under is ”desous’ …


    Have to say, this thread is a neat little piece of trolling. Not bad for a newbie. And that other thread on ghetto panniers was a work of genius, about the most obscure, dreary topic you could pose a question about. Hats off.


    You guys have lost your flow. Would you crush a young sapling just because it uninterrupted your line, or would you sail around it?

    Q “Should I use Google or the STW search function?”
    A “neither, you actually want to use Dogpile, even though you dont know it yet. It’s a far less well known, superior and niche product”

    …STW stylie


    This is going to take some beating, some Big-Hitters been properly snared. Someone print this off and stick in the scrap-book.


    Part of the issue is the forum does not have useful stickies. As a result of this new members ask the same questions time and time again and the grumpy old sods get their knickers in a twist.


    From OP

    If you know an answer(worst person to my knowledge is cynic al) tell the OP not refer to search, how easy is it to write the answer??

    And no response from al?

    Am I the only one to smell a rat on this thread….??

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    And no response from al?

    he’s been fiddling with his valves all afternoon, I think.

    He was on the pannier thread though so maybe it’s not him?


    Dear Total Prick From An Internet Forum, We have a baby on the way and I’m going to need a more practical car. I like the look of the Nissan Qashqai and I notice the Kia Sportage is good value but now I’m reading good things about the new Mazda CX-5. Which to chose? All advice gratefully received! Neil, Warwick

    A Total Prick From An Internet Forum replies… First of all, welcome to the site. Secondly, is this how you would normally introduce yourself? You just come in here and start asking questions like you own the place? Get some manners. Here’s a tip; why not go to some car showrooms and look at these cars for yourself? We are not your personal car shopping service and the sooner you realise that, the sooner you will fit in around here. Also, why the hell are you looking at cars like that? Total. Waste. Of. Time. I have a Honda Civic Type-S that does 99 percent of the things that those so called off roaders can do, it’s great to drive and it has literally never gone wrong. If you buy a fake 4×4 you’re an idiot. Okay?

    Dear Total Prick From An Internet Forum, I’ve had my 2005 Golf TDI for two years now and it’s been totally fault free. However, just this week the central locking has started playing up. Sometimes it won’t unlock all the doors but if I lock it again and then unlock it that usually works. Is this a known fault with these cars? Is it worth getting it looked at or should I just live with it? Cheers! Simon, Dundee

    A Total Prick From An Internet Forum replies… Let me ask you this – have you ever heard of a little thing called the search facility? It would allow you to look for other people on the site who have had similar problems without wasting everyone’s time with ridiculous threads like this. This is not some free automotive electrical consultancy you know. Also, Golf TDI? Seriously? Why would you even buy something like that unless you were a total idiot who knew nothing about cars? When I bought my Honda Civic Type-S four years ago I looked at literally every car on sale at the time and the HCT-S was literally the best car available of any kind. Why you didn’t buy one of those I cannot understand. My central locking works perfectly. There’s a reason why yours doesn’t. Is it National Idiot Day today or something?

    Dear Total Prick From An Internet Forum, I’ve got a beautiful blue Citroen Saxo. I call her Sadie! Does anyone else have a Saxo! I love my Saxo!!! Claire, Guildford

    A Total Prick From An Internet Forum replies… Hey Claire! Welcome to the site! Like the sound of your Saxo! Great cars! I see you’re in Guildford. That’s not far from me. You might see me around sometimes in my black Honda Civic Type-S. We should have a forum meet-up some time! Hope you’re still enjoying your Saxo! Do you have any pictures of yourself in your Saxo? Take care. TPFAIF x

    From sniffpetrol

    Awesome post above, ha ha ^^

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    It was funny the first 5 times we read it. Has he no idea how to use search

    I have a Honda Civic Type-S

    Guilty as charge mlud.


    Some times when told to search for something all you get is a load of threads telling you to use the search function.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    newbie posts in wrong forum as well. 🙄

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