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  • Beer – Pictures and Anecdotes
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    Beer O'clock is a comin' in. I have just spent a productive few minutes queueing emails reminding my colleagues of this fact at regular intervals over the afternoon. But it's still a while. To pass the time, how about a beer "pictures and anecdotes" thread.

    To start us off, here's a bottle of Fursty Ferret in action on Leith Hill 2 weeks ago:

    And here's a pregnant woman in her pants enjoying what appears to be an alcohol-free beer (so perhaps she's not enjoying it much…):

    Over to you… 🙂

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    An "impossible to verify" advertisement for the health benefits of beer for breast-feeding mothers and their lucky suckling children. From a simpler and happier time.

    And another, this one clearly loving it.


    One fine, sunny afternoon in March, 3 years ago.

    Premier Icon Nick

    Carbo-loading before the WRT


    Between me drinking the contents and the bottles getting recycled the garden slugs get the labels….

    For my birthady this year, I did this
    followed by this t'was a good day

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