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  • lucien

    Whats it running like at the mo?


    Im gonna head up Saturday for a loop round Bewl and a burn round the red route ? hope it s a bit fast rollin ? not too muddy but not bone dry ?


    Was there Monday for a couple of laps of the red, running very well indeed dry and very fast.
    Bear in mind though there are a couple of sections of trail that were / are closed for maintanance, im not sure what the sections are called but they are towards the end of the red route. There is a diversion and it didnt ruin the flow too much.
    I had’nt been there for a couple of years and the trail has really improved with the new features and trailbuilding, so well done Bedgebury pixies!

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    The new “Bikea” rock garden opened on Monday which is a great addition. Currently only “Magic Carpet”, “Deliverance” and “Fibreglass Trees” are closed.

    It’s pretty mud free apart from the two fire road sections between Wanda/Kickstart and Mosquito Coast/Quarry Climb.

    I’d be interested to hear what you think about the new bits! Been a bit of an epic year with building there with a lot of time and money invested.

    (Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club)

    Boris….. First trip over bedgebury Sunday just gone. Did red twice and black about 4/5 times. Good work to the pixies! Enjoyed it…. Considering how flat the area is… The trails make the most of what little hills there are. Similar ish vibe to swinley red…. Although there are more roots…. And more rocks and logs to jump over 🙂 liked some of the names of the trails too. Would be much better to name swinley trails this way as opposed to boring numbers!

    Only thing is car park is a little steep at 8.50! I do hope you get a bit of this money?

    I suspect Boris would tell you that the FC has, at last, put its hands in its pockets and spent some dosh on the trails this year… A lot of dosh, for which we can thank the magnificent winter and spring…

    This hasn’t always been the case, and for those who visit 6 times a year or more, membership of the BFCC/Boars gets you a parking pass, free showers and bikewash, discounts and a lot more… and then your parking money all goes on trail building. The same is not true if you join the Friends of Bedgebury.

    £8.50 is very steep and probably relates to the proximity to Bewl which charges the same or more, and usually puts its price up first AKAIK

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    A little bit on the car parking charge…

    Unlike the Welsh and Scottish trail centres we don’t get EU development money and Bedgebury as a site makes an annual loss of £250k. In the last couple of years over £100k has been spent on the trails and the build costs are over £30 a metre. The new Bikea rock garden cost £8k to build for 50m of trail.

    It’s a fine line on the parking price, but basically if the FC made any less from it, the trails just wouldn’t get built and maintained.

    If you don’t want to pay £8.50 each time you can join the bike club to get an annual pass for £71 which also gives you free bike wash and discounts in the shop, cafe, Cotswold camping etc

    Details here:


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